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Compassion for Balloon Boy Family

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Do you feel any sympathy for them?

Heene Family

It seems like the whole world is against Richard Heene over the hoax he pulled two weeks ago, but there are a few people out there who feel sympathy for the family ... and they are speaking up.

Frank Rich wrote "In Defense of the 'Balloon Boy' Dad," which was published in the New York Times over the weekend. "As a freelance construction worker and handyman, he couldn't find much employment in an economy where construction is frozen and homeowners are more worried about losing their homes than fixing them," Rich wrote. "Once his appetite had been whetted by two histrionic appearances on 'Wife Swap,' an ABC reality program, it's easy to see why Heene would turn his life and that of his family into a nonstop audition for more turns in the big tent of the reality media circus."

And a mother and daughter in Fort Collins have distributed fliers asking residents to drop notes of compassion on the lawn of the family at the center of the balloon spectacle.

"They might have made a mistake, as we all have done and will continue to do," the daughter, Tamara Failla, said. "So rather than condemn, let's come together and raise this family up with our support. Let's remind them that they are not alone. We feel like it's perpetuating so much anger we wanted to turn it around and make people feel more positive; bring them together."

Do YOU have compassion for the Balloon Boy family?

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MarMar October 26, 2009, 1:15 PM

Not really…just ire about them using their children like that. Seriously, couldn’t they come up with a stunt of their own that wouldn’t involve their six-year-old lying to police and vomiting twice on national TV due to the stress of it all?

When did I become my Mom October 26, 2009, 8:11 PM

I have compassion for them. But I think he wasted a lot of time and money and that needs to be righted. Also, that boy was seriously disturbed after he outed the family and vomited when in a situation where he needed to talk about it again (twice). I hope there’s nothing happening behind the scenes that we need to be concerned about.

Pinneydp October 26, 2009, 9:10 PM

It’s pretty hard for me to have compassion for someone that exploited their child and wasted the time of the law enforcement and media while also wasting tons of taxpayer money in the process.

The only person I have compassion for is Falcon. Poor kid.

CarlBMcCaughey October 27, 2009, 12:35 AM

I think there is a lot of gossiping going on about this started by CNN. I wonder if the kid didn’t of his own accord do this ‘for the show’. Frankly, neither do I believe the dad is all that sharp, but/and I saw the interview where he was recounting when they found his son was not in the balloon and the emotion that he showed about the fear that he might have fallen out looked waaay to real to be either from acting skill or from being witty enough to have planned that display of emotion for the purposes of convincing people of a scam.

Another things is I pulled a similar stunt as that little boy when I was five years old involving being trapped in a stack tires fantasizing I was stuck and also fell asleep and used all the drama involved with those looking for me by saying I couldn’t get out, when i could of.

I just hope all the people so assured by the rhetoric started by CNN, who was ticked off because they canceled other shows to cover it, are correct if this dad ends up being prosecuted. Be a shame to be part of a lynch mob that hung an innocent man!

Nick October 27, 2009, 1:57 PM

Only one word can sum up this family: sad.

One of my favorite sites did a story on the hoax that sums it all up in a funny way. If you’re not sick of reading on this, check it out:

kim March 23, 2010, 9:48 AM

I saw everything that happened in the news. Everything aside, I watched the family on Wife Swap & might I say, what a bunch of idiots. Maybe if the father wasn’t so pumped with testosterone & the mother learned some English as well as took some anxiety pills, they could seems somewhat normal. Screw that whole family, losers.

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