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Feedback: Parents Pissed about Obama Song

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Some parents are up in arms about a video posted on YouTube that appears to show a B. Bernice Young Elementary School class in Burlington, N.J., being taught to sing a song about President Obama. Our momlogic community weighed in:

Obama Song Video

I'm thinking in this political climate, the teacher overstepped her boundaries here. I'm a huge fan of Obama's and like the song's message, but I have to look at it fairly -- how would I have reacted during the last administration if my kid had been taught a song praising George W. Bush? A song about equality mentioning no one specifically, or several noteworthy people, would've been more appropriate. -- Anonymous

Yeah, we got rid of religion so let's keep patriotism out of the schools too. Ban all songs about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln while you are at it. No more Pledge or Star-Spangled Banner either. If the song was pushing his political agenda, I could understand being upset, but it is simply teaching our children to honor their President. -- Jamie

This is terrible. Not everyone agrees that he is number one and forcing impressionable children to chant the beliefs of their teacher is WRONG. Nearly half of Americans disagree with Obama on MANY of his policies -- from abortion to health care to the handling of the economy. This teacher deserves to lose her job for using her authoritative position to push HER view on politics on young children who are trained to obey their teachers. -- Dee

You could take the name "Barack Hussein Obama" out and replace it with "Our Dear Leader" and this would be a scene out of Stalinist Russia or modern-day N. Korea. Children should not receive political indoctrination in the classroom. Anyone who disagrees, answer one question honestly ... How would you have reacted if a teacher had taught kids to sing the praises of George W. Bush? -- Tom Biller

Well, we sing songs about other presidents ... I think people need to chill. So they sing a fun song and respect their President and learn a few facts. I don't get it, and I am not a fan of his. I think people need to move on and stop making a mountain out of a hill. -- Misti

Get a grip on reality, people. Kids have been singing similar songs and reciting similar poetry about past figures in America's history as long as I can remember. This was nothing more than an innocent little jingle to honor the first black President during Black History Month. America has become a nation of whiney, intolerant malcontents and bigots. What THEY are teaching our children is far, far worse than anything contained in the lyrics of this simple little song. -- Terrie

Well, if you're going to sing praise songs about a historical figure, then I agree that there are only a few better than Obama. But who wants to sing about Lincoln, Adam Smith, Darwin, Einstein, or Shakespeare? Those songs won't get you on YouTube. -- Chris

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