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Halloween: The Good, the Bad and the Weird

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With only weeks to go until the big night of haunted hoopla, if you don't have the Halloween costumes in your house squared away -- it's not a problem!

This week, our online friends served up the best, worst, and completely weirdest Halloween costume ideas for you and your kids. So many ideas you'll have trouble picking just one!

Halloween costume

Disney Costumes for Your Little Princess or Mermaid -- Lil Sugar

Charlotte's Halloween Costume -- Momdot

Halloween Costume FAIL -- Mom2Amara

Six DIY Halloween Costume Tips -- Lorain County Moms

Halloween Costumes that Are Tu-Tu Cute -- Mom Blog Network

15 Weirdest Toddler Halloween Costumes -- Momversation

Super Suits for Your Super Hero -- Lil Sugar

Ten Weird Outfits for Babies -- Divine Caroline

Handmade Halloween Costumes -- Mom to Mom

13 Weird (and Adorable) Halloween Costumes for Kids! -- Huffington Post

Kids Yoda Costume -- Craftzine

Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas -- Smarter Babies & Kid Blog

Trick-or-Treat: Hot Halloween Costumes -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Kids' Halloween Costumes for 2009: TV Characters -- Inside TV

Unique Costume Ideas Based on 2009 Current Events & Movies -- Suite 101

Choosing a Halloween Costume for Your Baby -- She Knows

Simple & Easy: Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids -- Moms in a Blog

There's Nothing Like a Custom Halloween Costume -- Wry Baby

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers -- Mind Bites

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