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How Can I Keep My Kid's Cholesterol Low?

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In today's age of fast food, a la carte school menus, and highly processed foods, what are strategies for incorporating cholesterol-healthy diets into our children's lives?

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Haylie Pomroy: This is not as hard as you think. Here are four tricks to managing cholesterol and improving your child's diet:

1. Make sure you have a whole fruit at the meals you do have control over, like breakfast and dinner.

2. Try to get nuts and seeds, preferably in the raw form, like raw almonds, in every day. Try adding things like raw cashews as a homework snack or raw sunflower seeds in their cereal in the morning. The combo of fiber, protein, and healthy fats make these so good for a healthy cholesterol.

3. Try to add olive oil in where you can. Add a little to the peanut butter in a PB and J sandwich, or to your mayo in a turkey sandwich.

4. Try to get in small, frequent, protein-based snacks to keep the blood sugar stable. This makes a huge impact on how the body metabolizes cholesterol.

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