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Jon Gosselin: 'Take My Kids Off the Show!'

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The dad of 8 told all to Larry King ... and he certainly has changed his tune.

jon gosselin angry

More Jon and Kate drama unfolded last night as Jon Gosselin told his side of the story on "Larry King Live." His main message? He wants his kids OFF TV for good.

Here were some of the highlights, in Jon's own words:

• "I'm asking not to be on the show and I'm asking my children not to be on the show. I mean, I don't want them to film anymore. I don't think it's healthy for them. And I -- the reason I don't think it's healthy for them is that we're going through a divorce right now. And I don't think it should be televised. And I think my kids should be taken off the show."

• "Stop filming? I mean that's what I want to do. I don't think it's -- I don't think it's healthy for them. And, you know, now I have a sense of empowerment. Before, I didn't have any representation. You know, I -- I -- I take blame for not being an initiator. I was an avoider. I was passive."

• "I posted the sign today because I don't want -- until we resolve the issue, I don't want any filming, you know, at my house. I mean I -- I have the joint shared custody of my kids and I have every right and it's my voice, as well."

• "I don't want to film. If I wanted to film, I wouldn't be here right now. I would just be, like, OK, we're going to film, we're going to take the money and -- and that's what we're going to do. It's not healthy for my kids to be going through this. I had an epiphany one day. I just looked in the mirror and I said I don't want to be this person anymore. I made mistakes. I know I messed up. I do regret a lot of things. But I have to learn from those mistakes and move forward. There's -- I have a lot -- I have a great lawyer now, Mark Heller -- Mike Heller, who's my manager. I have a great family support from his family, the Glassman family, Haley. And, you know, I have -- I have this sense of empowerment, that I have to take back my life. I have to."

• "I made mistakes. I learned from my mistakes. You know, I -- you know, I regret things. [INAUDIBLE] before it. I mean you've been through a divorce. I mean you know. And, you know -- you know, a lot of people ask me, you know, in the Chris Cuomo interview, I said 'despise.' I really didn't mean 'despise.' I regret saying that word. I 'despise' the fact -- you know, I was very emotional."

• "You know, I'm here to apologize to Kate. I'm here to apologize to a lot of people. I have made mistakes. I apologize to Haley. I have made mistakes. She's the only person that stood behind me and has supported me. The Heller family, the Glassman family, you know, I love them all. I love Haley. But, you know, I really have to be a father here. I can't be a kid anymore. I have to be a man."

• "Listen, we know we're not going to be husband and wife anymore. But we're always going to be mom and dad. We have to work together against this. We have to pull our kids off of television and work this out as a family."

CALLER: "Hi, Jon. I'm a big 'Jon and Kate Plus Eight' fan. My question is, over the past few months, your behavior has been very contradictory to how we see you on the show as a truly hands-on dad. Who is the real Jon?"

GOSSELIN: "I'll answer clearly. I have made some mistakes, and I have learned from those mistakes. And, you know, I'm the real Jon. You guys have to remember, I quit my job, and I stayed home with the kids for two years while Kate traveled, spoke, and did all that stuff. I'm hands-on. I changed 12,000 diapers in one year. You know, I took care of my wife when I was at the hospital. I did it all. That is me. Now, when Kate wanted a divorce, when she filed for divorce, you know, I struggled. I snapped. I apologize for those things."

What do you think about Jon's tell-all interview? Are you buying it? Comment below.

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Gail Cooke October 2, 2009, 8:53 AM

Sounds like Jon is jealous. I watched about 10 minutes of the show and realized I couldn’t stand it….but from the media spectacle around the show, it didn’t seem that he minded at all when he was the centre of attention. I think both of those parents need to grow up. For the sake of their children.

JILL October 2, 2009, 8:56 AM

I hope that Jon Gosselin is reading this: please be quiet. Please go back to NYC and just give it 10 days where we don’t have to hear you yap. It really seems that all of the sudden- when you are no longer on the show, you want the show cancelled. Sour grapes! Just deal with the fact that Kate has dealt with the media better than you. Its all about public perception- and you could take a lesson from her. There are 2 sides to every story; but take some advice from your future ex-wife (whom you despise, and then want to slow the divorce proceedings… WTF???) and just say you are doing everything for the children. You’ve been portrayed in the media as fickle and argumentative (no need to “yell” back your answers to Larry King!). Stay in your apartment, order in take out and Ed Hardy clothes, take a break from Vegas pool parties, random hook-ups and strolls around NYC. Instead of jewelry shopping for Hailey (your convicted girlfriend) please show up at the PA house with groceries or something… or at a charity. Whoever who has been working your PR needs to be fired.

Cheri Mercer October 2, 2009, 9:01 AM

Shame on all of you who are negative about Jon Gosselin. He OWNED up to his mistakes and wants his children to be off television. His wife on the other hand wants to keep exploiting them for the almighty dollar. When has it EVER been okay to pimp out your kids for the almight dollar?

The best interest of the children is to get them off tv NOW. No one should be subjected the scrutiny that these children have had to endure.

Gayle October 2, 2009, 9:12 AM

Cheri - BRAVO!!!! Thank God someone has the common sense to call a spade and spade and say KATE GOSSELIN IS A JERK. What kind of a mother drags her kids through a personal disaster while putting them on TV? Jon is doing the right thing trying to protect the kids. Kate has made a complete mockery of her role as a mother. She has tons of help. She is only concerned about her image and living in her condo next to her boyfriend. Kate need to just shut up. Shame on you TLC, and shame on you MOM LOGIC for giving her a place on TV. Kate needs to go home and realize her kids need the attention.

Anonymous October 2, 2009, 9:13 AM

Gail Cooke: sounds like you are missing some brain cells. These kids need to grow up with some privacy and heal. Jon Gosselin is doing the right thing. Kate - get off my tv, get out of my newspapers. Go piece together what is left of your family and shut your mouth.

Kelly K. October 2, 2009, 9:17 AM

I am so happy to see there are others supporting Jon here. Kate should stop sending out press releases and being rude during personal appearances. I WAS THERE. I SAW IT. SHE ACTED LIKE A SNOTTY B****. SHE REFUSED TO TALK TO ANYONE. Go home to your kids. They need you. We don’t.

Sunny October 2, 2009, 9:18 AM

Go Jon! So glad you have the gumption to protect your kids.

Emily October 2, 2009, 9:20 AM

Wow. Some heated comments here, but it’s time one of these parents protected the kids. Jon, you are finally doing the right thing. Thank you!!!

Sela October 2, 2009, 9:21 AM

What mother asks the kids what to do? Kate, are you kidding me about asking the kids if they want to be on TV? You are delusional.

Sick of crybaby Jon!! October 2, 2009, 9:25 AM

I can’t stand that man. He says one thing but his actions have shown otherwise. To all the Jon supporters, if Kate quit the show would you change your tune about her? I highly doubt it. I can’t wait until the Divorce goes through and she’s rid of this loser!! I hope TLC waits until it is final and then sues Jon over breach of contract. The loser deserves it.

teri stoddard October 2, 2009, 9:32 AM

I have supported Jon all along and will continue to do so. Jon loves his children and takes care of them as much as Kate. Yet media outlets (like this one) constantly put him down. Why is that?

Elaine October 2, 2009, 9:47 AM

Teri, you bring up an interesting point. It’s because Mom Logic is promoting Kate to host their new show. Bad news. My heart breaks for these kids. Kate only cares about how much money she gets and the tv time. Jon seems to be the only one concerned about their well being. Mom Logic producers - really bad choice on Kate. Really bad.

caren October 2, 2009, 9:48 AM

TLC should be slapped with a child endangerment lawsuit. So should Kate. Nice mothering. NOT.

Faye October 2, 2009, 9:50 AM

As a mom of 2 wonderful little girls - I can’t imagine abandoning them in favor of talking to the press and showing up on TV. Somebody needs to tell Kate giving birth is only the beginning. You don’t throw the kids on tv and expect America to raise them. Hope you are reading this Kate. I want to slap some sense into you.

Ellie October 2, 2009, 9:53 AM

I live in Texas and just cannot believe any mother would throw her kids into the public eye during a crisis. Aren’t there laws to stop Kate from destroying these kids further? She is SATAN.

are you kidding me? October 2, 2009, 10:04 AM

Are you all kidding? Jon is jealous he is loosing his “name” on the title of the show. He is not going to be making money so…he wants to punish the kids from making money? They could ALL go to college for FREE if they continued filming! Eight kids payed for! You know he won’t be able to afford to send them all to Harvard on his own! He’s a poor excuse for a dad!!!!

rta morgan-robinson October 2, 2009, 10:47 AM

they were broke when they had the children the church was even paying their bills. when tlc offered them the program they should have turned it down? no all you would have excepted the deal. kate has put money into trusts john didn’t. their standards of living were raised. they didn’t have to beg for food or clothing. now you want them to go back. let see let her work 2 jobs to support the children live in a small house. did jon get a job no did he party yes did he have sex with the babysitter while the children were home yes he did not rent an apartment with room for his children he abandom the dogs his character did not change you did not see the real jon. she complained to jon because of his erractic behavior a party boy. he blames her for all the children and his party years gone. yeah, i would treat him like she did because all the responsibility was hers. the money, the support of the children because she remembers how it was in the beginning.
now, she is still the prime caregivers and sole support of the family. does he have a job. no. he is still married and was having flings he is an adultory what kind of women would stay with him he wants to stop his divorce but apologizes to his girlfriend. i am sorry you who feel sorry for him are wasting their emotions

enough October 2, 2009, 11:47 AM

Shame on Jon. He has created his “personal disaster”. The parents and the kids would have been fine doing the show and could have continued enjoying the benefits and perks of the show if the media didn’t add to their televised lives. Jon has given plenty of reason for bad media with the way he was carrying on all “over town”. That is what is hurting the kids! Jon should shut up. This couple can then move forward with a “quiet and respectful” divorce. Jon can date after he is divorced not before. It’s not like it’s a divorce that’s been dragging on for years. I believe it’s Jon’s public annoying actions that have caused all the unhealthiness for the kids otherwise they would be a show like any other show TLC produces and you don’t see media hounded them…….

birdsfly October 2, 2009, 12:03 PM

What I don’t hear is how Jon plans to support these children without the money and services provided by TLC.

enough October 2, 2009, 12:23 PM

Plus, it bothers me that he has been dating a young girl quite publicly and still needs to save face by saying that he believes/FEELS that Kate has also dated…….and hints at adultery with her body guard…. just his “feeling” and he is throwing this out into the public freely….. again…..where his kids will see and/or hear about it. What a boy (he’s no man).

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