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Last-Minute Costumes -- No Shopping Required!

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Don't have a costume for Halloween yet? Don't worry! Our quickest, easiest costumes ever!

geeky looking woman

If you are scrambling to get a costume for you and the kids, forget going to a costume shop -- the only thing that's left is a dirty strawberry slutcake that's five sizes too big. What to do? Our best tips for super easy costumes -- and you don't even have to leave the house.

1. Dress up as your friend/husband: Pair up with someone you know and dress up as each other. Highlight the person's style, something they like to do, and imitate them.

2. Take a hairband and glue a screw on it. What are you? A little screwy.

3. Backwards Person: Put your clothes on backwards, adding touches like a pair of sunglasses on the back of your head or something with a zipper that will show up on your back.

4. Sky: Wear light blue clothing, add clouds with cotton balls, or cut out cloud shapes from construction paper.

5. Country Club Biatches: Short skirts, golf or tennis shoes, a collared shirt, visor, and big hair. Add red nails and voila!

6. Tourist: Don a Hawaiian shirt and strap a camera around your neck. And don't forget to carry a map!

7. Movie Star: Dress up, add some oversized sunglasses, and adapt the attitude.

8. Nerd: So easy. Pull your pants up to your navel, tie your belt too tight, wear an ugly plaid shirt, and put some tape around a pair of glasses. Done.

9. Trash: Take a large trash bag -- who doesn't have those? Cut out holes for your arms and legs, bunching the top around your neck. Add crumpled-up paper inside the bag for added volume.

10. Beauty Queen: Use an old formal dress, and make a Miss Congeniality (or whatever) sash from a strip of fabric. Does your daughter have a little toy crown? Go for it.

Have more ideas? Tell us ... we are all scrambling just as much as you are.

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MarMar October 14, 2009, 7:25 AM

One year a co-worker gave me an idea: I wore an old blue bridesmaids dress, got a few cheap accessories (a red wig with horns, a pitchfork, etc.) and voila, I was Devil with the Blue Dress On. Handy if you have a blue dress lying around! I think the accessories ended up costing me around ten bucks.

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