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Motherhood (the Movie)

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Marilyn Kentz: I have four kids, so I figured I knew a little about the lifestyle portrayed in the latest Uma Thurman movie, "Motherhood." In it, she plays Eliza, a stressed out mom with two cute kids and a clueless husband.

Uma Thurman, Motherhood
In what I perceived to be the longest-ass day in history, Eliza takes care of dog maintenance, endures car harassment, takes her youngest to The Park of Irritating Moms, shops in a version of Loehmann's, rides her bike, blogs, enters a writing contest, gets critiqued and then does a rewrite, shops in a party store, argues with just about every belligerent New Yorker she comes in contact with, charms the few nice ones, decorates her apartment in pink streamers and balloons, redecorates a cake, dances with a messenger, runs away, and throws a birthday party for her six-year-old.

My mommy instincts were assaulted because Eliza seems to have none. Who shops for their kid's birthday party the day of the party? No offense to my procrastinating friends, but that is one thing all moms take care of days -- even months, in some cases -- before. I understood the deep-down need to get the bargain on the $400 dress, but not if the party is in a few hours and you haven't done a thing to prepare. The daughter was so quirky-cute that I worried through the whole movie as to whether or not she was going to be disappointed.

The husband, played by Anthony Edwards, wouldn't answer his phone when his wife needed him most, gave no encouragement to her regarding her little writing project, AND did not know how to help his choking son. I was even more frustrated with him -- even after he did something nice.

The ending is tied up in the unsatisfying Hollywood ribbon, but I still left the theater ready to yell at my own husband.

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real nyc mom October 28, 2009, 2:21 PM

What a mess this movie is. As every Mom knows we all have “those days” but this movie was a miscasted, superficial, neurotic mess. Not to spoil it but a few observations; 1 - no matter how hectic our day, what Mother doesn’t have the 3 extra seconds to buckle their child into the car seat before moving a car! Next, they try to show this unsupportive husband who fuels her mini breakdown causing her to bolt for jersey - please! He helped bring the kids to school, came home from work early to help watch the toddler, and at one point nuzzled on her neck in an attempt for a little “afternoon delight”. During her whole crazy mess of a day she had a toddler who played quietly with blocks while she wrote, allowed her to shop for clothes without one tantrum, and took 2 naps. - Does this writer or director even have kids?

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