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Should Toddlers Be Eating Meat?

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Should toddlers be eating meat? What is the best choice? -- Jennifer

mother and daughter eating

Haylie Pomroy: I started meat with my first at about 2 years old and my second at about 16 months -- she was just chasing us all down for it a bit earlier. 

I was a huge fan of the book Vegetarian Baby because it gave me so many great vegetarian-based protein options for my little ones. I did avocados, beans, lentils, nuts and seed butters, quinoa, and sprouted grains. I do not like to see toddlers eating a lot of soy products.

When it was time, I introduced organic ground turkey, lamb, buffalo, and chicken all in small portions to my kids' diets. When it came to sliced meats, I really stuck to the nitrite-free versions.

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chris October 12, 2009, 7:35 AM

I don’t understand the purpose of this article…is it to help guide you on deciding when and if to feed your kids meat? Seriously, I took nothing from this.

Nicci November 26, 2009, 8:39 AM

I agree, what is the purpose of this article? I was looking for a little more info on the biology of a toddlers digestion and processing animal proteins. I personally have problems with red meat, but pork, fish, and poultry aren’t a problem.

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