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5 Worst Ways to Get Mommy Blogger Ideas

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Running out of ways to exploit your kids for your blog? Desperate times call for desperate measures!


Momlogic's Momstrosity: The life of a mommy blogger is rough. There are literally thousands of websites dedicated to chronicling every aspect of motherhood. Competition is fierce. Eventually we all run out of ideas for posts. I mean, how many hilarious photo ops of life gone awry can one household produce? If you're running out of blogging steam, here are a few ideas to put a jolt back into your mommy musings.

1) Produce your own "Home Alone"
If you've got young kids, leave them home unattended for the day. When you come back, you'll have a gazillion new posts with catchy titles like, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and "The Day Our Kitchen Caught Fire."

2) Coming down with a nasty post
What better way to get a good heartfelt blog entry than when your kids get sick. If your tykes aren't cooperating, expose them to someone with a common cold  (be sure your kid is hearty enough to handle it!) and then get down to writing about all of your best Florence Nightingale moments.

3) Stay awake
One of the hallmarks of mommy blogging is the difficulty balancing motherhood and work. If you've become acclimated to the challenges of mommydom, you might need to raise the bar. Deprive yourself of sleep for one night and drink yourself into a stupor. The next day, your mind will be reeling with tantalizing new blog posts, such as "EVERYTHING My Kids Do Is Annoying" and "Find Your Own Damn Shoes."

4) Take to the not-so-friendly skies
Is your new baby colicky? Take 'em on an overseas flight -- you'll be able to generate reams of new material focusing solely on unsympathetic passengers and rude flight attendants. Extra points if your kid upchucks!

5) Pop out another one.
After a while, all children lose their blogging luster. When all else fails, have another baby -- Dooce did.

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