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11-Year-Old Boy Kills Bear That Wouldn't Leave Family's Front Porch

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Huffington Post: An 11-year-old Idaho boy fatally shot a black bear on his family's front porch after he said it wouldn't leave.

The boy was at his home near Driggs, just west of the Idaho-Wyoming border, with his younger sisters last Wednesday when the bear showed up. He says he couldn't shoo the animal away, so he went and got a gun and shot it.

Doug Petersen, a conservation officer with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, says the boy and his family probably won't be in any trouble, because the agency had received multiple complaints about a black bear in the area. The bear had been hanging around a transfer station and getting into garbage cans and bird feeders.

Petersen says Fish and Game doesn't usually issue citations in situations where the bear had been a problem around humans.

The agency has issued the family a permit to keep the bear's carcass.

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Sara November 16, 2009, 10:46 AM

What is an eleven year old doing unsupervised with access to a gun????

James November 16, 2009, 11:07 AM

Oh, of COURSE the bear wasn’t going away when shoo’ed!

I bet the little creep just wanted to use the gun his slack-jawed parents left lying around the house to kill something with.

When are you yanks going to give up your ridiculous obsession with guns? When you’ve all shot each other and there’s just one maggot-brained Texan left among the corpses?

If he’d been my child, I’d have come home and shot HIM, I’d rather have a bear any day.

riley November 16, 2009, 12:14 PM

What the hell is wrong with you James? You would have shot the boy yourself, I hope that your ignorant self has not been allowed to procreate.
In case the rest of you idiots out there who are tree-hugging morons, people who live in regions that have enormous animals who can be potentially dangerous do teach their children how to properly handle a gun, and if my child were in that position, I would hope that he would have done the same if faced with danger to protect himself and his sisters.
On the other hand, I do wonder where the parents were as well, but God made us superior to animals for a reason.
Get a life people & PETA.
Okie MOM

John November 16, 2009, 12:26 PM

Good God people quit being such tree hugging idiots.

Bear Country November 16, 2009, 12:54 PM


Mentioning us as Yanks is telling me you aren’t from North America, and probably don’t live anywhere near a bear population. Once bears get use to feeding out of trash cans and around homes they almost never leave and can become a dangerous problem. Also, being from Driggs, a town with a population of about 1,000, the necessary help can be very far away. If I had to guess this boy has been well trained in the proper use and handling of fire arms. I’m just glad the situation turned out like it did and didn’t read a headline “11 year old boy killed by bear.”

Gil42 November 16, 2009, 2:25 PM

You anti-gun advocates,and also being that you stand in judgement of that which has taken place time and again during the westward movement of the population of the USA seem to forget if boys and girls during that time had not used guns and were trained to do so most of you and you ancestry would not be alive to make un-believeablly stupid statements of dis-belief of the possible outcome of this situtation if this bear had wanted to enter the house,and no on ehas said if this was a male or female with or without cubs which stay with the sow for up to 2 years and she is very,very defensive and will kill anything that she believes is a threat to them.
I hope that the good Lord will bless you with intelligence and wisdom to know that not all is what it seem and Bears do and will kill small children,and adults as well.
So you being in this 11 year old’s place and protecting his home and sister,what???? would “You” have done Butt Breath??????? with his type of wilderness,and firearms training!!!

shay November 16, 2009, 7:33 PM

I believe that the parents of these children should be charged with child neglect and endangerment. For one, if there is a know bear on the loose why leave your children alone in the first place. Secondly to leave a weapon at a child’s disposal is crazy. Thirdly, it’s not ok to just shot, what ever happened to calling the police or animal control. I believe this incident will send a message that it is okay to shoot and kill if you are in danger. If someone breaks in your house you can be held liable for that person if they get injured in your home. And it’s okay to just shoot and kill. This child will shoot and kill as he please and say it’s out of fear and protection. The parents should be put in jail just like Michael Vick…

Jeff Manthei November 16, 2009, 8:43 PM

If someone is in my house illegaly and becomes injured or deceased, I would be thankfull that the true residents were safe.

Desert Su January 9, 2011, 12:53 AM

I have had more than my share of black bear experiences in North Florida, and I can tell you that, while they may not be considered “dangerous” in the abstract, they are quite aggressive and damaging in reality. My next-door neighbor had his fence torn down as bears attempted to access his dog’s food. I also have watched as a momma bear attempted to teach her cubs how to properly access our trash can (which was strapped shut because of the bear issue), just a few feet from my front door. The bear problem is real, and was so prevalent that I had to have the local wildlife officials come to our home to talk with our son who was afraid to play in the yard. This 11-year-old child was courageous in protecting his family, and the parents were wise in teaching their son how to properly use firearms.

Chris March 5, 2011, 9:06 PM

Everyone else:



Well played.

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