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CAP: Citizens Against Predators

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I'm infuriated at seeing more and more child sexual predators get off with easy sentences. The time for justice is now.

Man watching girl play in the park

Dr. Michelle Golland: During this year, we have seen too many stories about repeat child sexual predators being involved yet again in the rape or murder of a child. I am continually outraged by our unimaginably flawed system that is supposedly designed to protect our children from further harm. These predatory animals are released again and again, only to continue on with their disgusting and heinous crimes against children. The flaw in the system as I see it is the belief that these individuals want to be reformed, or that they can be reformed. What most laypersons are not aware of is that most sexual abusers do not want help. Despite this, our system is based on the mistaken belief that offenders want to be "cured."

Pedophilia is a compulsive sexual disorder with very real victims who are negatively impacted and forever changed due to the abuse they have suffered. The sentencing guidelines for aggravated child sexual assault are simply out of step with the evidence we have of recidivism, and more importantly, the false belief that these individuals actually care to be reformed. I would argue that most do not feel remorse and do not believe they have done anything wrong except for having been caught. Harsh as it may seem, the way we stop this cycle of abuse is to incarcerate these individuals for the rest of their lives.

The maximum federal sentence is 27 years for aggravated child sexual abuse. What is noteworthy, however, is that this is not per offense. What this means is that an individual can only be sentenced to 27 years in federal prison despite the fact that he or she abused multiple children (or even one child multiple times) before getting caught. Why aren't they sentenced per sexual act or violation? This sentencing guideline is utilized in so many other criminal settings. Why isn't it appropriate for sexual crimes against children?

Again, imprisonment for child sexual abuse should be about protecting society from predators and not a misguided and mismanaged system of "reform" and "monitoring" when they are released. I say it again: We are operating on the FALSE assumption that these individuals want to be reformed. I unequivocally believe they do not want reform, but want to manipulate the system to be able to continue their sexual abuse of children.

Take the recent case of Wayne Nelson Corliss, 61, of New Jersey; Burgess Lee Burgess, 42, of Alabama; and Mitchell Jackson, 31, of Florida -- all of whom were convicted in the United States for illicit sexual conduct with children in an international child-sex tourism case.

Burgess and Jackson ran a child pornography website called While chatting about their compulsion to have sex with young boys between the ages of 4-10, they met Wayne Corliss, who helped organize three trips to Thailand to have sex with young boys. They have plead guilty to traveling to Thailand three times between 2000 to 2002, and paying for sex with boys as young as six and photographing and videotaping these horrific acts and then distributing them to other pedophiles.

Now you might want to sit down when I tell you what they were each sentenced to for these multiple crimes with multiple victims: just six-and-one-half years in federal prison! Yes, that is it -- a mere 6 ½ years. Are you outraged? Are you doing the calculation in your head of how old these men will be when they get out? What inadequate sexual registry will they be listed on while we wait for them to pick up right where they left off? These men created a website, distributed pictures of children being sexually abused, and traveled and had sex with boys as young as six years of age. Jackson will not even be 40 when he is released. Burgess will only be approaching his 50s. These serial and chronic pedophiles will have at least 20 more years to destroy more children and more families.

Wayne Corliss was arrested in May 2008 after Interpol took a rare step in asking the public to identify the man in the pictures having sex with 6-year-old boys. Calls came pouring in -- and he was arrested in Union City, NJ. He was a small-time actor and played Santa Claus at parties in the area. On his website, he bragged about fondling boys as young as four while they were sitting on his lap! Corliss could have received the MAXIMUM sentence of 27 years, but the judge gave him 19 ½ years because of his cooperation in the cases against Burgess and Jackson, who, may I remind you, only received 6 ½ years!

The aggravated sexual crimes that Corliss committed were with boys between the ages of 6 to 10. He traveled numerous times to Thailand, photographed and videoed the molestation of these boys, which included sodomy with objects, and he received 19 ½ years! He is not apologetic, and he does not want to stop his sexual abusing of young boys. When he gets out, even if he is in his 80s, he will continue perpetrating his abuse if he is capable.

When will we rise up as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and a nation against the destruction of our children? Aren't you tired of hearing of another child going missing or being raped by an individual with a prior record for the same exact crime? When will we put a true CAP on these crimes?

Recently, I created an organization called CAP (Citizens Against Predators) with one mission: to push through legislation for harsher and more uniform federal sentencing guidelines for aggravated child sexual abuse.

Our proposal is simple: 50 years to life minimum for each sexual act against a child. These can't be served concurrently, but need to be served consecutively, and there is no possibility for parole for these heinous crimes. If there is one reason to build more prisons and incarcerate more individuals, it is for this crime!

If there is one crime that deserves the harshest of punishments (or at least equal punishment as murder), it is sexual crimes against innocent and vulnerable children. If you would like to join us in our efforts, please register at Dr. Michelle The time for CAP is now -- before one more predator is let out to search out another victim.

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Michael November 24, 2009, 2:12 AM

That’s nice that you focus mainly on men.

I suppose the women that do this and then marry there victim is OK?

(Mary kay letourneau ring a bell?)

Dr. Michelle Golland November 24, 2009, 6:36 AM

I am not easy at all on females who of course can also be sexual abusers. You can read my other articles totally focused on those crimes on my expert page.

This is not a male vs female issue but should be about the children which are the innocent victims.

I really hope you read my other articles which focus on Female Sexual Predators.

Dr. Michelle Golland

CrazyPolynesian November 24, 2009, 7:30 AM

These monsters have no place in human society as they are incurable. The government can relieve a lot of prison overcrowding and upkeep for jailing these sick bastards by just taking them out back and shooting them upon conviction. Problem solved.

Angela November 24, 2009, 7:49 AM

I agree that anyone who abuses a child in that way is absolute scum and I have no qualms about locking him/her away forever. I did know a family though who when going through a nasty divorce where the mother manipulated her daughter into saying her dad molested her. Fortunately the truth came out when the girl admitted what happened to a court psychologist but if she hadn’t he probably would have been convicted. Unfortunately I don’t think this is an isolated incident. If we’re going to be locking people away forever I think we need to be 100% sure that they really did do it.

bill November 30, 2009, 11:13 AM

Dr. Golland. I agree with you 100%, but I’ll raise this point: will CAP do anything about police officers who force sex on little girls or little boys. I have read of this happening dozens of times and those are the cases that actually made into the news. for example; three or four policeman in my city, a large southwestern city of three million, had sex with girls,all under sixteen, one girl was thirteen. the cops were suspended(with pay)for three days pending an internal investigation. these cops ADMITTED to having sex with the girls. the internal investigation found the cops INNOCENT OF ANY WRONGDOING, despite the fact that they ADMITTED to having sexual intercourse with the underage girls. a second item: in las vegas, a las vegas metro cop was found to have hundreds of child porn pictures in his computer at work. AT WORK! it made the news and after a few weeks, a repoter did a followup report. the police spokesman said that the cop in question had been punished, but the case was “confidential” and he could not specify the cops punishment. the cop is still on the job, probably still collecting child porn, at home, if not at his job in the police station. another las vegas cop got caught having a “consensual” sexual affair with a thirteen yr old girl. he is still on the job, no charges filed, no specified punishment. NOTHING. Also, Dr. you must know about the pedophile parties involving more than a dozen children in each party, that polticians, our elected leaders, have in washington d.c. these children are driven up to the “party” in limousines under armed guards. these children as young as six, are raped and sexually abused, some in front of the “guests” (our elected officials) and some in private . later they are “relocated”, some never seen again. if you are truly interested in preventing child rape and abuse and getting predators and child molesters away from our children, will CAP do anything about this type of cop and politician? if you don’t believe the part about pedophiles parties held by politicians in washington d.c. please do some comprehensive research. for the sake of the children, if nothing else.

Patricia December 5, 2009, 11:14 AM

Well I think our police do not ever have the time. I know this from an 12 year old being rape, taken to cooks childrens and they were great. But the police made no effort to follow up and the investegater was cold and me to this girl,as if it was her fault. Just to find out monthes later that the person (the invertegater) had pics. of naked young boys on his computer at the POLICE STATION ! He was fired, of course and then this girls case was taken care of a year later. The police hated that the rape center helper was there to assist this youg girl. The laws need to change. Our great D.A. office. denied 11 sexual assualt cases, done bye the same man. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR SYSTEM. A slap on the hand and don’t do that again, then they are set free.We should all take on the system, FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT !!!!! And may God Bless and heal the pain caused to so many to those who have been there or know someone who has.

Anonymous January 14, 2010, 4:56 PM

Dr.Golland,there is more to the Mitchell Jackson story than you know.Its a lot worse than you can imagine.Did you know that prior to Jacksons arrest in Pensacola,Fl.A very close friend, (I mean very close friend), of his, had recommended him for a job with the same military computer or software contractor that he worked with ,here at NAS Pensacola.This military contractor that Jackson went to work for,handles computer & software applications for the payroll for a very large part of our military.The building that he & Jackson worked in is so secure that when the federal agents came to Jacksons work to arrest him,they were not even allowed in the building.Jackson had been living & working in Pensacola at this job for about 6 months prior to his arrest.His friend helped him get the job,& helped him get the ultra-high security clearance that was required,& so that Mitchell Jackson would not have to drive from Mobile to Pensacola to go to work,invited Jackson to rent a room at his mothers house ,where the friend lived with his mother & his 2 younger brothers.One of the younger brothers is a very low functioning adolescent Downs Syndrome child.For which Mom receives money from the State of Florida!The other younger brother is a 25 y.o.,who has ben “Baker acted”(put in a mental facility against his will)twice before Jackson moved in.The 25 y.o. was Baker acted again, a few days after Jackson pleaded guilty & was hauled off to jail to await sentencing.Mom receives money from the state for him too!Also living in the house, & had been there a year before Jackson moved in,is another 31 y.o. man who is listed on Jacksons facebook page as one of Jacksons good friends,& Jackson is listed on his facebook page also as his good friend.These guys are all very computer savvy.They all met in the same “chat room”.They can build a computer out of kitchen utensils,if you know what I mean.And programming,there is not a firewall or any anti-virus program that they cannot get past(think of the movie “Office Space”).Court records show that Jackson had moved 12 times in the last 8 years.Oh yeah,he knew they were looking for him,& his friend here in Pensacola knew they were looking for Jackson too.He thought he could help Jackson hide.By getting a room at his moms house,there is no cable bill or utility bill in Jacksons name,& that makes it harder for Jackson to be found. Upon Jacksons arrest, he was released on bond & put under federal house arrest with an ankle monitoring bracelet,while he awaited trial.The Feds call it ” being in their custody”.Yeah,right.They put him right back in the house with the very low functioning Downs Syndrom child ,& the young man that had ben Baker acted.Of course, after his arrest, Jackson had immediatly lost his nice paying ,high security clearance job.So while the mother in the house is at work & the friend who helped him get the job, was at work( oh yes,he still works in the same building for the same contractor,in that high security clearance job,in that high security building,&living off our tax dollars),&his other friend who is listed on Jacksons facebook page as one of his good friends is at work,Jackson, being under house arrest, & cannot leave the house,is left with the other 2, alone 5 days a week ,approx.10 hours a day for about 9 months while he awaits trial.Thats right!No wonder Jackson waited to the last possible moment to plead guilty before going to trial,look who he had access to.And the mother living in the house,Mom,oh she knew all about Mitchell Jacksons sickeningly disturbing propensity for young males.She supported & condoned it.It was her & her oldest sons hope that Jackson would get just 2 years ,because he co-operated with authorities.It was their hope that he might get sent to Saufly Fields Federal minimum security prison here in Pensacola.Its kind of like a country club,at least thats what I have been told.That way,they could visit him often,& possibly petitioned the court to put him back under house arrest,so he can serve the remainder of his sentence back in the house with the Downs Syndrome son & the Baker acted son.Along with his other facebook pal,& all their pedophile friends. The federal government allowed this sick individual to stay under house arrest ,at that house,knowing full well, who else was living there!Can you believe it?Do not worry about the mother living in the house.No,no.She is quite the web surfer herself.She applied on-line & got herself a job at, where else, the Florida Department of Revenue.Thats right.The woman, (whose son can write a program to remotly access the Dept. of Revenues computers or anything else that they would like to embed in the them, & brought his good buddy Mitchell Jackson into town & into their home), this woman now has access to the Florida Department of Revenues computers.And mom, well she drives a Mercedes Benz.I guess the moral of the story for mom would be,if you want to drive one of those high-line,high- maintenance,European cars(you know,the kind built in Stuttgart),& you cannot afford it on the $21,800 a year salary you get as a clerk, at the Dept. of Revenue,then you rent out rooms to your oldest sons pedophile friends,while you collect money from the State of Florida,for the other two mentally disabled sons living in the house!Pedophiles & public money!Bet Florida tax payers do not know that this is the garbage the state hires & supports.The Feds say that their investigation of this international pedophile ring is continuing.They should start right there on N.58th avenue in Pensacola, Fl.That is ,if they are serious about it,& not just spouting rhetoric.As for me .I will not even buy a lottery ticket to support the state of Florida.

Anonymous January 14, 2010, 6:05 PM

Renting a room & not having a utility or cable bill, makes it more difficult to track Mitchell Jackson down.Upon his arrest, he was let out under house arrest,with an ankle monitor attached.Thats right!the Feds call it being in their custody.They put him right back in the same house with the Downs Syndrome child & the other Baker acted son.Knowing full well that they were living there.Of course,Jackson had lost his high paying ,high security clearance,tax payer funded job when he was arrested.So while the mother of the house is at work,& her oldest son is at work,(thats right,the oldest son still works in that high secutity clearance job,in that super secure building,& living off the taxpayers dollar),& Jacksons facebook pal who is living in the house,while they are all at work,Jackson being under house arrest & not allowed to leave the house,is left alone with the other two sons 10 hours a day ,5 days a week,for approximately 9 months while he awaited his trial.No wonder he waited to the last minute to plead guilty in a plea bargain before his trial.Look who he had access to.Oh, and the 52 y.o. mother of the house,she knew full well Jacksons proclevity for young boys.In fact ,she supported & condoned it.Heck,Mom is quite the web surfer herself.She applies on- line & gets a job with who else,the Florida Department of Revenue.Thats right!The woman whose oldest son can write a program to remotely access the Dept. of Revenues computers,or embed anything else in the states Department of revenues computers that he wants,this woman now has access to the Florida Department of Revenues computers.Frightning is it not!But dont you worry about mom.She drives a Mercedes Benz.I guess the moral of the story for mom is,if you want to drive one of those high-line,high maintenance European cars(you know the kind built in Stuttgart),& you cannot afford it on the $21,800 a year clerks salary at the Florida Department of Revenue ,then you rent rooms to your live in (31 y.o.) oldest sons pedophile friends,while you collect money from the State of Florida for your other 2 mentally disabled live in sons.The Feds say that there investigation into this international pedophile ring is contiuing.If they are serious about it, they need to look right here on N.58th avenue ,in Pensacola Florida ,they will find plenty.This is the garbage the State of Florida hires & supports.I bet the taxpayers were unaware that there tax dollars supported this.As for me,I wont even buy a lottery ticket to support the State of Florida or this kind of trash.

Nate McRee January 16, 2010, 4:44 PM

Question: If a married male about 40 years of age living in an apartment complex, approaces a tenant , female, about 67 years old, and ask her if she would like any help with sex in her bedroom, and she is single, sick and lives alone, and then in turn also ask married women whom he knows is married and knows the husband as well, and ask her if she would like to go out for dinner, and when confronted he says tha he is trying to get a group on apartment tenants to go out to dinner, yet never mentioned that part when he asked the married woman out that he knows is married and knows the husband, does this show indication that he is a sexual predator and needs to be avoided, as it appears he is focused in trying to get sex from married and older weak women, along with the lie for the cover story when confronted by apartment management?

Anonymous January 30, 2010, 3:22 PM

How much of the 6.5 years that Mitchell Jackson got were suspended?Will he be receiving credit for the time served while awaiting sentencing?How much ,if any, of that 6.5 years sentence is going to be served under house arrest?And if he is put under house arrest for part of his sentence,will they put him right back in the same house with the 2 mentally disabled sons

Anonymous February 11, 2010, 4:26 PM

did you see in the Mobile Press Register back in November,that the feds are going to reduce the 6.5 year sentence that Mitchell Jackson got,because he is cooperating with the feds in the case against John Wrensall.Jackson is probably already back in the house with his pedophile & predator friends.Lord help the Downs Syndrome child in that house.

Anonymous July 14, 2010, 2:20 PM

Mitchell Jackson also has another internet identity.He was known as Perimus the furry.He is one of a group of people who like to put furry animal outfits on & have sex.In his case, he liked to dress up in furry outfits & have sex with children

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