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Cooler Than Me at Three

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I need to imitate my toddler.

boy laying on grass

Lenore Moritz: Not too long ago (OK, a little longish ago), I was 3 and I was cool, too. I didn't have those invisible "what-if" reins holding me back. I could once command a room simply by putting on cute sunglasses. The world was only full of possibilities. You know what I'm talking about -- you've had a taste of that sweet life, too.

Living with a 19-month-old and 3-year-old is reminding me of those times. I'm taking notes and aspiring to be as cool and carefree as them ... when exactly did overanalysis overtake carefree as one of my key traits, anyway?

Here are some ways my 3-year-old, H, is cooler than me:

Everything looks great on him. There's no posing to find the best angle, there's no craning his head backwards to see if his butt looks big in the jeans; and his hair always looks cute, even after wearing a hat.

We CAN all get along:
He will play with anyone. He doesn't wait to be approached first. He doesn't do a
once-over and think, "That kid's diaper is showing, I can't play with that mess." He isn't all "Pacifier ... at that age?! Sick." No judgments, just fun and new friends.


When H is psyched about something, he does his signature "dance." It's kind of goofy, but it's so uninhibited it's cool -- like dancing at a Grateful Dead show. Rather than a lame high-five or a little "yay," I think it would be cooler to have my own signature "move" to bust out at especially thrilling times.

Recognizing talent:

Luther Vandross is a master of R&B music ... and my 3-year-old discovered his greatness before I did. My 3-year-old has been listening to Luther for about 95 percent of his life because my husband, a longtime Luther fan, keeps just one CD in the car, and that CD is Luther. I had not been a huge fan of Luther's, but H is obsessed with track 7 ("She Loves Me Back") and asks for it constantly. The song has grown on me. I don't know if I like it now because it brings H such joy or because it's a good song, but either way, I now have a new appreciation for Luther. Still, H caught on to Luther's talent first.

Art for art's sake:

When H makes art, there's no agenda ... it's not for a grade or praise or to release stress -- it is purely for pleasure. And there's no masterpiece complex -- Play Doh sculptures are built purely for fun and then squished into oblivion.

I'm sure H thinks I'm cool, too -- after all, I do make food appear on a plate and make up games for him. But there's nothing about his carefree 3-year-old self that would make him want to be anyone but who he is ... is anything cooler than that?!

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Daphne November 2, 2009, 12:37 PM

I am going to start my own signature dance. Of course, since I’m already way past age 4, it will have to exist in my head, so uncool. Actually, I’m sure I was always just a little uncool, but my nerdiness makes me cool doesn’t it. Still my dead head past will help me conjure my dance up. Go H and go L too. Hey, I’m doing that dance right now!

Pam November 3, 2009, 9:47 AM

What about being naked? Don’t you just love how toddlers have no inhibitions about their bodies?

Enjoy these years - they go by so fast! And once the teenage years set in, mom will never be cool again.


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