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Facebook Bans Pregnant Profile Pic

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Do you think it crossed the line?

banned facebook pregnant photo

Go-go dancer and performance artist Cary Curran (a.k.a. Cherry Dazzle) took a photo of her pregnant body decked out in gold pasties, a thong, and body glitter. She liked it so much, she made it her Facebook profile picture. Facebook shut down her account as a result.

Facebook said this picture constituted sexually explicit material, which is banned by Facebook users' Statements of Rights and Responsibilities. "This is a disgrace," Curran told New York Press. "Pregnant women are beautiful." Besides, she laughed, "if you go through Facebook, you'll see guys more exposed than me, with bigger boobs."

Curran is steaming mad. "I think people are terrified of the vagina or something," she says. "It's the human body! We all have one. People are so scared of bodies in this country. It's insane. I think that is why we have so many health problems."

Last year, we told you about Facebook banning breastfeeding photos, which caused similar outrage.

Do YOU think Curran's pic is obscene ... or was Facebook in the wrong here?

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Jen November 5, 2009, 3:35 PM

Momlogic, had to black out her breasts. Yes, this is definitely over the line! There are plenty of ways to show off your belly bump without showing your bare breasts to the rest of the world. She is just using her pregnancy as a excuse to put partial nudity photos of herself online.

Anonymous November 5, 2009, 3:45 PM

its only obscene when you are being careless of other ppl and taking pictures of your whole full body… inside and out, maybe she should have worn a top… then it wouldnt have made her page be deleted. im pregnant now and i took pictures of my belly. but my pictures dnt look anything like this and i do agree to the fact that pregant women are beautiful! :)

momlogic memeber.

Melanie November 5, 2009, 5:39 PM

Well, Facebook would’ve banned a picture of a non-pregnant woman wearing a thong, bare breasted with glitters all over her body…so why should it be different with a pregnant woman?

I’m not a prude person, and I also think nudity can be beautiful, but some people are not comfortable seeing it, and we should respect that.

dustin November 5, 2009, 5:57 PM

she has a bong in her hand

Luke November 5, 2009, 6:00 PM

Pregnant women are gross, sexually. Only strange guys into lactation and other weird stuff want to look at that.

megan foulke November 5, 2009, 6:06 PM

it’s gross. nobody wants to see that or somebody breastfeeding. if she is butt hurt about it she should go find a different site for her grossness.

onegirl November 5, 2009, 6:12 PM

I think that the female body is exceptionally beautiful, and this is certainly a lovely example. However, because Facebook profile pictures can be seen by anyone with an account, it is the same as posting a mostly-nude photograph of yourself on your personal blog which anyone can google. Tasteful? not in my opinion. Is it your right? Absolutely.

Grace November 5, 2009, 6:14 PM

Yep - that picture is over the line. Pregnancy is beautiful, but not when it’s portrayed that way. This isn’t exactly something that one would see on the cover of “Parent and Child” or “Fit Pregnancy.” Facebook was right to object to this picture.

Demonicangel November 5, 2009, 10:39 PM

You know I am all about the body and displaying it and all but you know I don’t think she has gone that far. You all may say that it is disgusting and crap like that but seriously, could you really put yourself up there on a cam and pose? Only the brave can go up on cam and post ourselves naked, we are born naked and we die naked so what is the big deal? Why can’t we just get over the nakedness and our own bodies being posted on the internet or something like this. Please people it is apart of life we all have different shapes and sizes and forms there is nothing wrong. :) Have some love for yourself :)

Rita November 5, 2009, 11:19 PM

Yeah, I’d like to see some of you put pictures close to this on your profile.

Man, all of you need to stop being so freakin’ UPTIGHT!!! WOW!!!

The human body is a wonderful thing, pictures can be a wonderful form of expression, and unfortunately alot of people don’t understand using the human body as a canvas for expression. There are SOME pictures that can go overboard but no one is making you look at them!

Also, the female body is a beautiful work of art. It’s gorgeous! Curves and angles and everything. NO, I’m not gay, or bi. I’m as straight as they come. I’ve just learned not to be jealous of other women, I’ve learned to appreciate a woman’s physique, IF it’s taken care of!

The female body during pregnancy is a miracle. For people to think pregnancy is gross, well there is something wrong with you.

I’m so glad to be married to a man who loves me when I’ve been pregnant as well as when I have’t been. I’ve been pregnant twice and I’m so lucky he was so supportive and he absolutely loved my changing figure. He’s such the gentleman. No, we’re not hippies or anything, I know most of you are assuming something or other. We live completely normal lives in middle-class suburbia.

@dustin she has a tube of spray body glitter in her hand!

@megan geez what happened to you??? Do you get dressed in the dark? If you think your own body is disgusting, there is something seriously wrong with you and I suggest you get counseling. I can’t wait till you get pregnant one day. Then you’ll see the miracle for what it is!!!

Let the hate comments come.

P.S. After light of very recent events, is this something we really need to complain about? LIFE is beautiful and we should celebrate it.

sam November 6, 2009, 2:26 AM

nope Facebook was right to ban her. If a non pregnat Woman would use that Pic for her Profile she would been banned also.Curran is just using her pregnancy for an excuss showing off - Go-go dancer and performance artist ? Yeah that explains it all!

MarMar November 6, 2009, 7:22 AM

I think the addition of the mostly-bared breasts is where she went over the line, as Jen was first to point out, even Momlogic had to black them out. I won’t argue that the human body is beautiful, especially that of a pregnant woman, but Facebook does have rules and if you’re on their account, it’s implicit that you will follow them. I think she should have a lot of photos taken of her like this, if she’d like, pregnancy and how the body reacts to it is a wonderful thing…but also have a more modest one taken for Facebook purposes only.

Anonymous November 6, 2009, 8:17 AM

Why didn’t she just crop her breasts out of the picture? The belly and glitter are beautiful but the breasts are not allowed on the site- you would think she would have known that, common sense and all that. They didn’t ban her because of her belly- it was her naked breasts!

Gail Cooke November 6, 2009, 9:20 AM

Facebook was right…clearly this woman is not that bright. She must have known that it would be banned. Maybe she should stop smoking up and hopefully regain some brain cells.

Brian Taylor - British Naturism November 6, 2009, 9:49 AM

Was it ‘momlogic’ who blacked out the breasts? I hope not, as that is working against acceptance of breasts as ordinary, every-day and non-sexual - important if we are to gain wider acceptance of breast feeding!

Being pregnant or not shouldn’t be an issue where acceptance of this picture is concerned.

For me the real problem is the reluctance of society to accept non-sexual nudity. Indeed far too many cannot separate nudity from sex, which is their problem! Even Pope John Paul II said that there is no shame in the naked human body.

A more relaxed attitude to nudity in a society has been shown to lead to lower rates of teenage pregnancy, abortions and STI’s. Try telling a group of ten pregnant teenagers in the US that had they been Danish, nine of them wouldn’t be there!

Rita November 7, 2009, 1:03 AM

@gail what makes you think she is “smoking up” as you refer to it? Get your terminology correct. It’s “smoking out”.

Malcolm Boura, British Naturism November 7, 2009, 11:35 AM

If Momlogic did black out the breasts then it blacked them out because it chose to. The message is clear. Breasts are dangerous.

Facebook, and a number of other high profile internet organisations are encouraging the hangups of the USA and imposing them on the rest of the world.

It is not coincidence that the most body phobic countries in the western world also have the worst outcomes, Several times more teenage abortions, about ten times more teenage pregnancies, and about seventy times more likely to catch gonorrhoea. Attitudes have consequences. The effects are clear and the mechanisms well understood but there is incredible reluctance to face up to the implications.

The harm resulting from body shame is widespread and often serious. It is nothing more than child abuse with good intentions. Is it really worth the life of even one young person?

Chrissy November 8, 2009, 8:33 PM

Hm, just wondering - all you who are supporting the performance artist and who profile picture, would it be okay if your children;s teachers went to work dress like that? Or if women at your job?
Facebook is a company and they make their policy well known.
Just like schools and other businesses.
ANd jsut liek tv or radio or other outlets, they can be pined, penalized, shut downed or arrested for objectable material. It is in their own best interest (as any business) to error on the side of safe and but sorry.
The simple solution for this performance “artist” is to have her own website. Post whatever she wants.

b November 10, 2009, 12:59 PM

So, when did a privately owned company have to justify, explain, apologize or excuse itself for banning anything that goes against its own terms and conditions of use? That’s like signing up for a private school that mandates wearing uniforms and then refusing to comply. If you don’t like the rules, go somewhere else!

Still November 15, 2009, 12:17 PM

If you remove the pregnant belly, and instead imagine her just posing nude except for a glittery gold thong, would you consider it outrageous that facebook banned it? If my friend posted a picture like that, I would think it was trashy, pregnant or not. Maybe she could have worn pants, or hey, even COMPLETE UNDERWEAR. And is a bra too much to ask? Slutty is slutty, I don’t care if you have a person growing inside you.

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