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Feedback: Dad Buys 4-Year-Old a Gun!

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What's the perfect birthday present for a 4-year-old? A hot pink .22 caliber gun, of course! Our readers had a thing or two to say about the matter.

pink hand gun for daughter

OK, I'm all for the 2nd amendment and upholding it ... but there is no logical reason that a 4-year-old needs a gun. I would have serious issues with this if my husband tries this in our house. -- k8blujay

Okay, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he isn't this stupid, and this was a stunt just to get publicity, etc. I just don't think he thought beyond that, IF these weapons are for real, and in working them one of his children will hurt themselves or someone else, one day it is inevitable, I just hope either him or his wife realizes that guns are dangerous and keep the guns locked up until their children at least learn their multiplication tables. -- whenisitenough

Based on the comments I've seen posted so far it appears that people seem to think that the Congressman is letting his kids play with this gun like it's some kind of toy. I am sure the Congressman is well aware of the safety issues concerning children and guns and is keeping the gun locked up away from them until they are old enough to learn to shoot it responsibly. Unless he really is stupid enough to have tossed a loaded gun into the toy box with all his daughter's other toys, then I can't imagine why any reasonable person would be so sure that this will end with one of his children or their friends being shot. -- Rob

I believe there are many other ways he could show his support in this matter. Even if the child never gets to use the gun, it just makes no sense. Even if the child never has knowledge of the gun, why waste money? -- Jennifer

I grew up in a family where guns were very common. My grandfather used to sell guns, and had many in his house where my cousins and I would get together and play. We were ALWAYS taught that guns are not toys -- but we were never taught to be afraid of them. I shot a gun for the first time (a .22, incidentally) when I was 7 years old. Yet I was never tempted to play with guns. I was interested in how they worked, yes, but I respected their power. Teaching children to be RESPONSIBLE with firearms is much better than sheltering them and making them afraid of guns. Four is a little young to use one, but in a few years his children can and should be able to learn gun safety, and the proper way to handle a gun. -- Anonymous

If he intends on teaching respect for firearms, then this was a very good idea. Most fathers and mothers have no clue about what's going on in their child's life ... -- rootertooter

An example of irresponsible parenting is engaging in the WISHFUL thinking that somehow your child will be under your watchful eye their entire life and never once come into close proximity with a firearm. Let go of the fear of an inanimate tool. Every house has many ways for a child to be injured, and gun owners already face stiff criminal charges if a child manages to gain access to unsafely stored firearms. As for the state representative, at least he's acting in congruence with his stated beliefs. Look around D.C. to see how rare that is. -- Tailor

OK, I'll just say it. This man is a child abuser. Even if the 4-year-old isn't actually going to be playing with the gun. As if that matters. Just having a gun in the house makes children much more likely to die from a gunshot wound -- whether accidental or intentional. And women are much MORE likely to die from domestic violence when there's a gun around -- not less. Guns are immoral even when they're pink. -- michelle

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Aldene November 9, 2009, 7:11 AM

Seriously?! Why would you give a “pretty” gun to a 4 yr. old? A 4 yr. old isn’t mature enough the appreciate and respect the danger and power of an armed weapon. Why not give gifts that encourage thinking, reasoning and imagination. The generation of children that we are raising right now are not expected to out live the 25-35 yr. old adult population because of obesity, VIOLENCE and lethargy. It’s very sad to hear about something like this.

Phil W November 23, 2009, 6:37 AM

Get your story straight. Your image of a hand gun is misleading and implies a falsehood. A single shot, bolt action rifle is not a pick glock looking pistol. Further, a responsible parent will teach gun safety to their child as soon as the parent believes the child able to learn. Many of these comments seem to be based on ignorance and fear. the NRA Eddie Eagle safety program and teach your own children gun safety. It is the ignorant and uninformed who have the accidents.

brutlstrudl December 8, 2009, 8:54 PM

What do you expect from a Congressman

joel April 9, 2010, 3:31 PM

it dose not mater how old the kid is. you have to be 21 or oder to own a pistol but with a rifle you have to be 18 or older

joel April 9, 2010, 3:36 PM

it dose not mater how old the kid is you hav to be 21 or older to own a pistol and you have to be18 or older to own a rifle

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