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Feedback: My Vagina Fell Out!

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Most of us were horrified, yet we read on -- with the deepest of sympathies -- as momlogic's guest blogger told us her excruciating tale. Her lady parts literally fell out of her body (gasp) -- also known as a vaginal prolapse. Our readers rushed to speak out:

vaginal prolapse

God bless you, woman. They should have posted this on Halloween because that is a true horror story! -- April

This is by far the most terrifying story I've ever heard. If there was ever a more effective way to drive home the point that you should GO TO THE DOCTOR when things aren't right, I have yet to hear it. Worse than all the pain, though, is that the author lost her uterus and wanted another child. Thanks for the cautionary tale. -- Ginny

I truly feel for you having to go through this whole ordeal. I've never heard of anything like that. But I am glad that you survived and are okay. Now you can use some of your time to help others find out about this condition. You can be a help to a whole bunch of women who might have symptoms but don't know what it is or put it off. We spend so much time taking care of our families, many times we just forgo our own health to keep pace with day-to-day life. Thanks, it was a good article. -- Monica

OMG. That's horrifying, but I'm glad that you are finally recovering. And thank you for sharing such a personal story. -- Allison

Good God woman!!!! Never tell a woman who is pregnant (or considering having children) this story. I have had some minor feminine issues -- but this is the worst case of vagina angst I have ever heard! -- jennifer

Best Birth-Control Ever. I am pretty sure I am never letting a man touch me again. EVER. -- Megan

Oh. My. God. My eyes are still watering. You're lucky to be alive! I wonder if you had been diagnosed with a tilted uterus at any point in time before you were pregnant. Congratulations on the brand-new vajayjay, though. There's always a silver lining ... no matter how deep it may be buried. -- Lynette

Thanks for so courageously sharing your story with other women. There are so many gynecological conditions that are kept quiet and not discussed openly. Women have a right to privacy, but it also helps when we can feel free to talk about these things openly in our society. -- anna

I am so glad that you are better. My best friend had a bladder prolapse about a year ago. Although she is fine now, I was so afraid for her. But I know what pain she went through, all the time caring for 2 small toddlers and one older child. She had surgery to put her bladder back and came through very well, thank god. -- kim

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HeeHee November 11, 2009, 9:35 AM

Did she get it back?

Gayle  November 11, 2009, 12:51 PM

I can totally relate to an extent. After my second child was born I had a prolapsed uterus and had to have a hysterectomy. Thankfully we were done having children. I had placenta acreta where the placenta actually grew into the uterine wall and the only way to remove it was via hysterectomy. That was after two D & C’s trying to remove it. One three year old child at home, one childbirth and three surgeries within 6 weeks was rough. I did keep my sense of humor which helped. We would joke about my uterus following me around. It got me through post partum and surgery! I am glad she is recovering and I feel her pain, both physically and emotionally! Sending her best wishes for a healthy life ahead !

Laurie November 11, 2009, 9:53 PM

I can totally relate! My kids were way older when this happened to me in 2002, they were 16,15 and 11. I had horrible passing clots periods, constipation, ovarian cysts and the constant need to pee for almost 12 years. I finally had enough, went to the oby-gyn, she told me my vagina was falling out, and that I had a rectocele and a cystocele. They did a vaginal vault suspension, inserted a bladder sling, and removed my uterus. 5 months later I developed an enterocele, intestines pushing their way through, back to surgery. 6 months later, I had surgery again due to pain from adhesions. 7 months later, I had my ovaries removed due to a complex ovarian cyst. 7 years later, I’m glad to be period free, but am already thinking it may be time to revisit the bladder sling as I’m having “issues” there again. I wish you the best and hope your future is filled with good health! :)

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