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Fly Through Security

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The Transportation Security Administration wants to "simplifly" the security line for you.

What do 4.7 million Americans have in common? They're all going to be at airports this week just like you! And unless your idea of a good time is waiting in line, the TSA has tips, photos, and even a video on ways to make getting to your destination easier and safer. Tips like how to pack, what to leave behind, and how to get through a metal detector without having to strip down to your Skivvies.

Tips to get you through faster:

• Arrive on time.
• Remove all animals from their carrying cases and send the case through the X-ray machine.
• Please take your infants and children out of baby carriers and strollers and take them through the metal detector with you.
• Dress the part. Metal in your clothing may set off the screening machines.
• Undeveloped film should go in your carry-on bag.
• When in doubt, leave it out. Bringing prohibited items to the airport will delay the screening process for you and other passengers. If you're not sure which items are allowed, check TSA's website for a complete list.
• Think before you speak. Belligerent behavior, inappropriate jokes, and threats will not be tolerated.

Happy trails!

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