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Rosa Blasi Goes Into Battle -- Custody Battle

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Sue Carswell: Former "Strong Medicine" star Rosa Blasi now plays a gymnast's mom on ABC Family's "Make It or Break It." I recently caught up with her between takes on her ongoing divorce battle and much more.

Rosa Blasi

Momlogic: How's the custody battle going?
Rosa Blasi: Super fun. I can't think of a better way to hemorrhage a savings account.

ML: What was your most recent court experience like?
You mean when I had to take a PACT (Parents And Children Together) class? It's a required course when you are going through a custody battle. Good times! It was like attending what I imagine a DUI class is like. A lot of "classy" guys, one of which had to be awoken during the class by the instructor. A lot of black, faded concert T-shirts, full-arm tattoos, and the smell of stale beer. I tried bonding with the woman with the fake Chanel bag next to me, and then I remembered that I had a hoodie and no makeup on, and I looked like one of them.

ML: Didn't your ex once take a photo of you jaywalking into court?
He did. I hate it because it cost me $165 in a jaywalking ticket (there was a parking lot directly across from the courthouse. I was running late). The worst part is that my ass looks big in the photo and I thought those were my "good" pants.

Rosa Blasi being ticketed for jaywalking

ML: Should women ever marry, considering your experience?
No one should consider marrying without a prenup, and a retainer to a private investigator. And pay attention to ATM withdrawals, damn it! Bookies don't take Mastercard.

ML: Was your husband beaming when he discovered you were pregnant with your daughter, Kaia? What did he say?
Beaming? Not really. I had had three early miscarriages (around 5 weeks pregnant), so when I said "I'm pregnant," he said, "Well ... for now." He's always been brutally honest. Emphasis on brutally.

ML: Are football fathers (Rosa's husband played for the Colts and the New York Giants) kind of absent?
Perhaps absentminded. But there are only eight away games in an NFL season, so you can't blame that.

ML: Is there a feeling of bonding with the other football moms, or is the talk about bling?
Alright, alright, if I give away too much, then no one will buy my book that Harper Collins is publishing. Right now, it's called "JOCK ITCH: Memoir of a Retired Jersey Chaser" ... but the title might change to "Friends Don't Let Friends Marry Athletes." Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter for more deets.

ML: When Kaia asks why you don't live with daddy, what do you say?
She hasn't asked yet, thank God. I don't think she remembers us together cuz she was 18 months when we were separated. But today she said, "My Daddy is smart!" and I slipped and said, "I agree! He married me!" and she thought I was joking. "He DID?" she asked. "Why are you not married anymore?" and I said (mid mild panic attack), "Well, some people are great married. And some people are better not married. And that's us!"

ML: Have you cautioned your daughter to not marry a pro athlete?
Not yet. She's three. But I live in fear of that ever happening. Thanks Sue, now I won't sleep tonight.

ML: You tried as a single mom. How did that go for you?
"It was very time consuming, scrolling through 3,000 (mostly weird) men. But I did meet one great guy, and my boyfriend now WAS on it also. I have no problem with the concept of online dating. Also, I never posted my pictures, I just snooped through it. Very covert.

ML: Although you are in a relationship, does being a single mom have its benefits?
Yes. Alone time on the couch with my other boyfriend -- TiVo. TiVo doesn't judge me when I need to catch up on an Oprah marathon.

ML: What's your mom motto?
I sort of live by the thought that I better expose her to as much creativity as possible. So when she starts improvising songs, or talking to her "sister" (she is an only child), I engage her. I think she has the rest of her life for people to crush her spirit. It's not going to be from me.

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Jill November 10, 2009, 7:16 AM

Wow… can anyone say “full of herself” or snippy or arrogant or elitist… I had to go thru custody and never had to go to a PACT class. In my state, they save that for the parents who are crappy parents… I get that she doesn’t care for her ex, but seriously- could she have been more negative? This lady has no reason to write a book or even have a Twitter account. I can’t image one good thing to learn from this person.

Kelly November 10, 2009, 7:17 AM

Who’s Rosa Blasi? And how much did she pay MomLogic to write about her?

Peggy Gorman November 10, 2009, 7:33 AM

I like “Strong Medicine” and Rosa.
I read and thought she was funny and she is. Do you want her crying. She is dealing with what she has to do,taking class is mandatory in some states. Also how sad that her ex is to even take a picture of her jaywalking ,he is showing he will do anything to hurt her.
She is just having fun through this mess.

Anonymous November 10, 2009, 8:28 AM

Who was she married to?

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allen December 21, 2009, 11:10 AM

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She was married to Jim Finn who’s a football player.

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