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Santa's $100,000 Facelift

sign up for the momlogic newsletter Tweet This It's getting closer and closer to the holiday season, and everyone is starting to get ready. For some people, that means shopping. For others, that means cooking and getting out those once-a-year recipes. However, if you're a store in Auckland, New Zealand, you get Santa Claus a facelift. A 66-foot-tall Santa Claus statue has gotten a nip and tuck in preparation for the holiday season.

santa facelift

Tis the seasons for Santas of all sort, be they mechanical or human, to get a little extra medical attention. After all, this is the gifting season, so it's only natural that Santa and his various helpers should want to be in tip-top shape. For this particular Santa statue, that meant getting a droopy eye fixed and getting a mechanical finger replaced with a static digit. Given that he was close to 50 years old, his winking eye and wagging finger weren't what they used to be, so it was better to get both those mechanisms taken care of at once.

Even Santa falls victim to the cultural obsession with physical beauty and not being a creepy old broken-down robot!

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