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The Latest in Vegan Mania: Condoms!

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Condoms good enough to eat?


Usually, when you think of a vegan, you conjure up a person who refuses to eat dairy products, poultry, fish -- someone not to invite to the annual BBQ Ribs-O-Rama bash. But it's not all about eating for a true vegan. A real one eschews ALL animal by-products, all the way down to their sex lives. It can be a difficult sacrifice to make.

Luckily for these lifestyle purists, there are vegan condoms. Popular brand Glyde claims to manufacture "the world's only condoms registered with the Vegan Society," making their "jimmy hats" from top-quality thistle extract. Generally, rubbers are made from, well, rubber and casein, a milk protein. So vegans who are "getting it on" can comfort themselves with the knowledge that their animalistic desires are not harming any real animals.


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