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10 Strange Places Jesus Has Appeared

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The Son of God has a habit of showing up in the most unlikely places.

10 Strange Places Jesus Has Appeared

Hot Jesus

Is it Jesus — or just an excuse to stop ironing?

In November 2009, when Mary Jo Coady discovered an image of Jesus on her iron, she took a picture of it and put it up on Facebook. Eventually Coady and her iron became a nationwide news story.

Cheesy Jesus

Cheetos come in many shapes and sizes. This particular cheesy snack came in the form of Jesus Christ. “The Chessus,” as it was dubbed, was found by Dan and Sara of Dallas. Whether or not the discovery was a hoax, CNN covered the story.

Al Dente Jesus

In 2006, Leo Williams saw the image of Jesus at an Italian restaurant in California … in the burned portion of the cheese in his manicotti. Williams couldn’t eat his meal because other customers kept taking pictures. Bon Appetite!

Burrito Jesus

The mother of all strange Jesus sightings. In 1977, Maria Rubio found an image of Jesus Christ in a flour tortilla she was using to make her husband breakfast. The tortilla was eventually put on display, where it remained until 2005, when Rubio’s granddaughter brought the famous flat bread to her school’s show and tell, and dropped and broke it.

Baby, Baby Jesus

Boy, it’s getting crowded in here!

Jesus has also been seen hanging out in a womb or two — or so say a couple of moms, who saw him in their kids’ sonograms. Amy Janer, a Miami mom, is convinced the son of God was sharing space with her son Sebastian, and Monet Sledge from Ohio looked into her sonogram and also saw Jesus, this time hanging on the cross.

Smiling Jesus

In November 2004, an Arizona man’s dental X-ray didn’t reveal he needed a root canal, but it did show him Jesus Christ hovering over his bicuspids. He eventually sold the holy X-ray on eBay for $1,000.

Refreshing Jesus

This time Jesus showed up in the foil wrapper on a bottle of cider. Discovered by Michael Cartwright, only after he got home from a British pub and looked at pictures that were taken that evening. Unfortunately, the foil Holy Spirit was eventually tossed in the bin by an unaware waitress.

Fishy Jesus

Fred Whan of Ontario, Canada, came across the Holy Spirit when he slightly burned the fish sticks he was making for his kids in 2003. The fish stick has been carefully kept in a freezer ever since.

Ridin' Shotgun with Jesus

Jim Stevens of Jonesborough, Tenn., was perplexed when one day in mid-November of this year, he stepped out to his pickup and saw what looked like the face of Jesus Christ on the driver’s side window.

Flapjack Jesus

In February 2006, Mike Thompson of Ohio was making flapjacks for his family when an image of the Lord caught his eye. He immediately put the pancake up for sale on eBay. The bids went up to $15,000 until it was revealed Thompson had made the image himself using a Jesus Pan he had purchased online.

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riiiiight December 7, 2009, 7:26 PM

Cheetos jesus looks like a fetus.

didi December 8, 2009, 10:02 AM

it just a shape of a burnt iron…
why people insult God like this……

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