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A Bounty Hunter Christmas

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For Christmas this year, bounty hunters Dog and Beth Chapman gave momlogic a little peak into what their large family does to celebrate the season.

They may seem like tough guys, but Dog and Beth Chapman have the spirit of Christmas living in them all year. As seen on their hit A&E show "Dog the Bounty Hunter," the couple, their sons Leland and Duane Lee, and their daughter Lyssa are the best of the best at rounding up dangerous fugitives and bringing them to justice. But they also love to celebrate the holidays together as a family, with all the kids and grandkids.

Work began on the decor months before the holidays. Beth exchanged pictures with her elves of exactly what she wanted her home in Colorado to look like. It took four days and nearly 20 people -- in addition to the Chapman clan -- to put the home together.

All told, there are:

• Two miles of color LED lights on the house
• One mile of white LED lights
• 1,900 ornaments
• 1,100 feet of garland
• Seven trees, including:

--One 13' Douglas fir shipped in from Oregon
--One 6' pink "Beth" tree
--One 4' silver "Dog" tree
--Four 3' decorative topiary trees

The main tree, the 14' Douglas fir, has 3,000 colored lights and 1,000 ornaments -- a mixture of heirloom, collectible, and trendy ornaments and decorative bows from a variety of places. The theme for the tree was a classic, traditional Christmas with whimsical accents such as large-scale wooden sleighs, rocking horses, elves, top hats, and sparkling presents.

The "Beth" tree is a 6' flocked artificial tree with blinking and steady pink lights. It is accented with a pink feather boa garland and items that would be characteristic of Beth herself, like emery boards, little lipsticks, and fun, hip fashions -- all in Mrs. Chapman's favorite: pink!

The "Dog" tree is a 4' artificial silver tree with white lights. It is decorated in the style of Duane "The Dog" Chapman using items such as black sunglasses, black feathers, dream catchers, handcuffs, and tiny badges!

Check out the video of a Chapman Family Christmas. Can't get enough? Check out "Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Hunt for Santa" on December 23rd, only on A&E.

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