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Addicted to Rags

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I admit it. It is my guilty pleasure. I love gossip mags.

woman reading magazine

Katie Wisdom Weinstein: I do not get enough drama in my own world apparently, so I eat it up when a beautiful Swede bashes in her Golf-Superhero's car! Yes, I think the Gosselins, the Octo-Mom and Angelina are idiots who have littered the world with too many children, and I guess I am in the 37 percent who think Jessica wore it better than Blake.

But, really, how does this relate to me and my life? Oh, well, of course "Stars are Like Us Too." I can shop in my Escada jeans and Manolos too, but I choose not to. I prefer to pick up my mags in sweats and giant sunglasses so no one sees I am buying this smut for myself. What? I am not ashamed. I make sure that I hide it face down on the conveyor belt at checkout because it is easier to scan it that way. Don't judge me, Lady.

I am an adult. I am doing research to find my daughter's fave stars (Taylor Lautner is so young, I mean, not my type), I love the articles. Who is interested in Gerard Butler's topless form on the beach? Yes, he is a man's man, but I was staring at the five top hotspots in L.A.! (Wipe off drool, here.) Kids, you are on your own for dinner. I have a new People-Us-Star-OK-Fill in the Blank magazine to read!

We happen to have a family (obsessed) interested in pop culture. My husband works in the sportswear/fashion industry, so we do marketing research to support him. As a family, we could kick your family's ass in Pop Culture trivia. I am just sayin'. We do text each other when news hits the wire of a gossip nature. I may have been right on top of MJ's death the minute TMZ reported it. I am not scared to admit these things.

Let me insert the disclaimer here. I am not starf*cker. I do not swoon when meeting famous (or infamous) people in person. I treat everyone pretty normally. We do meet a fair amount of people in this category -- and I guess I am more interested in the persona and craziness that is their life splashed where everyone can see it. I do believe celebrities chose this celebrity life -- and they can suck it if they don't like it.

But now, I am in a pickle. My co-worker recently said she thought we should all work towards a positive, non-gossip workplace. I almost pee'd myself. The horror! What? Now I have to go underground. I may need to send in a buyer. I cannot get busted in this alleged feel-good scam. This New Year's resolution does not belong to me. I could try to swear off the gossip rags, but I would just get sucked right back in. I have standards to uphold and this new deal would blow all that. I kinda need to know when Sienna and Jude get back together. It feels like home when Katie bashes Scientology. I am comforted when it is someone else's life going haywire (TigerAlexaBradToriAudrinaAdamLindsayBrian). It humbles me and reminds me my life is nice.

So, hands off my gossip (girl). Get it?

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Chrissy December 13, 2009, 9:53 AM

What a wasteful way to live one’s life.
I get a little induglence but, really - kids fix your own dinner because I’m too busy reading gossip trash?
This obession isn’t going to make you a kinder, nicer person it will (if not already) creep into your real life where you will be gossiping and spreading unfounded rumors about your co-workers, freinds, neighbors, kid’s school teachers etc.
As my grandmother use to say, “People are better off tending to their own gardens instead of wandering what others are growing in their’s.”

Amy December 13, 2009, 10:00 PM

This is one blogger I think I can stomache! I have this guilty pleasure too-I love going to the dentist for the amazing selection of crap magazines!

Chrissy, I noticed you on her other blog. You are taking these topics way too literally. Are you reading MomLogic for serious content? Well, for being so disagreeable, you keep reading her, so I guess that is something. THINK: sarcastic, absurd and exaggeration. That is usually what makes something pretty funny.

Chrissy December 14, 2009, 11:37 AM

Ann, you make it sound like Momlogic doesn’t post serious articles - like the ones about product recalls, new health advisories, women health issues, child development etc.
And are you certain that this blogger wasn’t serious?
They are people out there addicted to the trashy tabloids. Who waste their time, slack off at work reading on line websites, and neglect their personal relationships. Some of the very things this women wrote about.
It’s not so clear she’s being funny.

Sam December 15, 2009, 12:02 PM

Chrissy - Katie also states in her blog that it is in her husbands job description to be up on the latest and greatest. Havin the family involved in one parents career seems like a wise choice that is family inclusive. YOu need to stop judging.

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