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Alison Sweeney Knows Family Health!

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As the final four "Biggest Loser" contestants take on the challenge of a marathon tonight, we sat down with host Ali Sweeney to find out how this busy mom of two manages it all -- and keeps her family and herself healthy in the process.

Alison Sweeney and her son

We caught up with Ali as she hosted (with son, Ben, happily at hand) the Crest Glide Tight Space Challenge. Participants had fun completing an obstacle course and winning prizes -- but most importantly Glide donated $20,000 to Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity and an organization Ali has worked closely with for years.

MOMLOGIC: With two jobs and two young kids, how do you balance it all?

ALISON: Balancing is exactly the right word because it is all about finding time for everything. But for me, it doesn't have to balance at the end of the day (like a checking account), it has to balance end of the week, end of the month, at the end of the year. You have to feel like you didn't let any of those balls drop. Every day I just try to make the best choices I can and then I look back on the week and try to figure out how that week went, and what I need to make more time for.

Alison Sweeney and her son
Another thing that's important to me is, having made the decision to continue my career, when I am away I'm not going to regret it or question it or feel guilty. When I work, I give it 100% because I am choosing to make that time and I better make the most of it. And then when I'm with Ben and Megan, and we're playing, I put my Blackberry down and I give them my commitment and my time.

ML: We were shocked to hear you went back to work after only eight days from giving birth. Was that your choice?

ALISON: Yeah it was. Because of the way "The Biggest Loser" shoots, I knew what I was in for. I knew how I would be able to fit that into my time. And I didn't go back to "Days of Our Lives" for two weeks, so I felt like I had time there, because that's a little bit harder. Because "The Biggest Loser" is a reality show, I felt the audience and everyone would know what I was going through and be supportive, and I didn't want to hide.

ML: How much weight did you put on when you were pregnant? And were you conscious of it?

ALISON: Oh absolutely, I was definitely conscious. I found my second pregnancy to be a lot easier than my first in terms of weight gain. I gained ten pounds less the second time and I think a lot of that had to do with me knowing better than to "treat" myself. The second time around, I think you're a little more practical about it. You're like, "I've been down this road, I'm not gonna baby myself." The first time you're like, "I need to sit and eat bon bons."

ML: How did your experience on "Biggest Loser" influence your diet while pregnant?

Alison Sweeney
ALISON: Having spent so much time with Bob and Jillian, I learned a lot about fitness, health and nutrition. I was able to pay attention in a healthier way and understand things like, what are the healthy carbs? I learned how to treat myself because I think a lot of pregnancy is about dealing with cravings. But I learned how to handle them differently. For example, I totally craved sweets. And I talked to my doctor about it and instead of just dismissing it, I acknowledged that my body was craving sweets because it was summer and because there was something in it that my body needed. So, instead of sweets, I allowed myself more fruit.

ML: That's so interesting that you went to the doctor because your body was craving a particular type of food. I don't know if most women would think to do that.

ALISON: Right, you just get annoyed by yourself and don't acknowledge and deal with it. Jillian told me one time that your brain craves sugar and you end up snacking late because you're tired. And your brain needs sugar to work, right? And they say that's what sugar's for -- it's like brain food. So, you do need certain kinds of healthy sugars -- not like high fructose corn syrup. Don't be mad at your body.

Read Ali's daily food diary and enter to WIN the official gift bag from the Crest Glide Tight Space Challenge!

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tennmom December 1, 2009, 5:11 PM

I’ve always liked her on screen and off.
Me, I gained 30 pounds with my first daughter (lost the weight within a month) but gained 60 with daughter the 2nd. It took 6 months to come back to normal weight with my 2nd. It was my own fault. I didn’t think a thing about my daily afternoon Sprite & Hershey bar. I should have thought better.
I think the main point is to focus on having a healthy baby while keeping ourselves healthy. We can’t properly care for our family if we don’t care for us.

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