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An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Mistress Away

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Is it possible that the golfer slept with other women because Elin wasn't hitting the big O?

Tiger Woods, Elin Woods

Diana Landen: John Gray thinks Tiger's wife Elin wasn't having enough orgasms. According to Gray, if a man is having regular sex at home, he can't think about sex with another woman. Furthermore, the woman needs to have an orgasm most of the time. This releases pheromones that attract her husband. Faking it won't work.

I'm going to throw something if I hear another theory about why Tiger Woods cheated. Do any of these people know him? Have they ever talked to his wife? I doubt it. In fact, I doubt even Tiger Woods knows why he cheated.

Experts can't even agree about why most men cheat. Maybe Gray is right: They want sex -- more sex, wilder sex, sex with a younger, slimmer woman. Certainly mistresses say the men complain about not getting sex at home. On the other hand, men lie to their mistresses.

According to Gary Neuman's research, it's not usually about sex, it's about feeling unappreciated at home. Some of the men he interviewed said they had affairs with women who were less attractive than their wives.

This fits the common belief that men only have affairs if they're unhappy at home. It's a useful belief if you happen to be the mistress. Who wants to admit that they're hurting innocent people?

Yet in "Beyond Affairs," James Vaughan wrote that his affairs had nothing to do with his wife. He loved her and was happy with the sex at home. She was a great wife and tried to please him any way she could. He just saw the other guys at work having affairs and didn't see what was wrong with it. It was fun. He only stopped because he loved his wife and didn't want to lose her.

Not surprisingly, James Vaughan's wife Peggy believes about a third of the factors causing affairs are societal ones. In fact, Gary Neuman found that men whose friends had affairs were more likely to have affairs.

Then again, some theorists think that it's just men's nature. As far as they're concerned, men are driven to always want sex with someone new. We should all just give up and hand our husbands a big box of condoms. Or maybe a chastity belt.

Here's a radical theory -- different men cheat for different reasons. Sex. Wanting to feel young and attractive again. Boredom with their lives. Because all their friends are doing it. Problems at home. Temptation. Because they want to have their cake and eat it too. Sex addiction.

Maybe the important question is, why do people stay faithful?

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Biggpapa March 18, 2010, 10:18 AM

Give me a break. Elin is no goodie goodie herself, she did nude photos and married Tiger like she can get anyone. How many men did she sleep with doing those photos? Stay tuned..

Samantha  March 24, 2010, 8:21 AM

totally love the first comment. lol. the truths behind the sarcasm are just so true…coudn’t have said it better myself.

Russo22Jewel July 28, 2010, 3:39 AM

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Golf Clubs September 14, 2010, 10:39 AM

What’s the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a ball 400 yards.

Brandon April 16, 2011, 9:34 AM

What a dumb article. It just goes on and on bashing men about how they basically are nothing nothing more than sex beasts who must have more sex with as many different partners as possible, regardless of commitments or marriages that they have made to a significant other, and they will most assuredly always be this way. Wth?

You stupid people who post this crap or believe it, let me remind you of something: when men are “cheating,” who the hell do you think they are cheating WITH? Another GUY? What about the WOMEN who are cheating with them? My ex brother in law not only cheated on his wife for over a year, it was with a married WOMAN, and she frequently wanted him to “do other stuff” with her, like go to the store shopping! This is messed up! Humans are the ones who hurt, not just men.

Secondly, my black-heart-ed wife divorced me because I came to her after feeling guilt over looking at pornography (that’s right, I came to HER because my marriage was still important to me). She didn’t give a flip about “talking,” “listening,” or counseling to fix anything. They say “talk to your spouse,” and that “guys are the ones who have problems talking/listening/etc,” but in my relationship it was like I was married to an overweight log in the forest and I was lucky if I managed to gain access to the knothole every once in awhile. Even in the Bible it says that if a person deprives their spouse and that spouse strays, it is equally the fault of the depriving partner! Wake up, you stupid people! True love is ACTION, and if you truly want to believe that you know how to love, then you must take care of your spouse’s needs!

The end of my story is that my “wife” considered this action “Biblical grounds for divorce” because she was brainwashed by her stupid Baptist preacher father and her entire family and church encouraged her to seek divorce, despite the incessant crying of our precious 7 year old daughter. Now, that woman is “married” to another man and as far as I’m concerned, having an open and blatant affair every freaking day of the week. All of this was “church sanctioned and approved.”

Thanks to all of this crap, my daughter’s family is broken and she rarely gets to see her favorite parent, which is daddy. It still hurts me and I have still not been able to get over the bulk of this grief. You morons out there who want to bash men, let me remind you that 75% of all divorces are filed for by WOMEN, not men (source: George Barna Research). The next time you think or say that men are “afraid of commitment” as if it’s some bad thing, perhaps you should remember why! It’s because women are so infatuated with getting that nice, big, socially impressive wedding ceremony that they don’t think about the effort that’s required after the fact, and think it’s easier to give up and “just move on” than to pay the piper and WORK, like many men are willing to do once they’ve made a commitment. Scared of commitment? Hell yes, I am! Why shouldn’t I be? After having been through the garbage I have, how could I not be? Good Lord, I wonder if there is such a thing as a wife I can truly trust and give my heart to? I was raised to believe that, but I just don’t see it.

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