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Any Day Now? From Stalling to Waiting!

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While most moms think that they can tell exactly when they're about to go into labor, my little girl is taking her sweet time. And I'm loving every minute.

Frustrated pregnant woman

Angela Chee: I hated it when random people would walk by, see my pregnant belly, and say "Any day now?"

"No, not really, still a month to go," I'd reply. Thanks -- do I look that huge? I guess once you're big, you're just big. But now it really is any day now.

I'm due in a few days, but they always say the 2nd one comes faster. Who are they? Well, moms, of course. Everyone has a story. My first came a week early, and labor took all day -- more than 20 hours -- but who knows what will happen this time? So last week I was a little stressed and anxious because I was a week from my due date and my husband was out of town on business. I was trying to hold her in.

He was just an hour or so flight away, but who wants to go through that drama, especially if I had a quick labor or if it was the middle of the night? I was heavy, her head was right there, I would freak out at night because I thought I was getting contractions, but nothing. I was holding her in. Who wants their husband to miss the birth of their baby, or who wants to be waiting at the hospital for him to dash in from the airport? It was a stalling game.

Well, now he's back. Yay! But now it's a waiting game. I have a few friends due next month, but they were early and just had their babies. Now it's just me. So "they" aren't always right. I'm not early this time -- or at least, I won't know for a few days.

I'm actually enjoying this time now. I was exhausted trying to fit everything in, thinking she would be early ... now I can wait. So instead of rushing to the hospital and sending out a baby announcement via text, people are texting me. My phone keeps buzzing. "Any baby yet?? Did you have her yet?" When I go to my local store, "No baby yet?" Hello, what's the rush?!

That's what I get for thinking I would be early -- now everyone is on baby watch! How can you predict anything when it comes to babies? I'll keep you updated.

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