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Feedback: Does Tiger Deserve a Little Privacy?

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Tiger, you were made famous by the public. Why do you think it's your right to hide from them? Dr. Wendy Walsh asked this question, and our readers weighed in with some surprising answers.

tiger woods

It's funny this was posted when it was. My coworker and I just got finished arguing about this. She thinks he deserves privacy? Me, not so much! -- Anonymous

The world would not know who Tiger Woods is if he were not a GREAT, if not the GREATEST golfer of our time! You stand to be corrected there, Dr. Also, you seem to have an issue with him. Yes, he is dead wrong for his adulterous behavior, but even God forgives. Who are you to cast the stone? Jesus said, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone." Are you without sin Dr.? We need to pray for him and his wife and children, not cast self-righteous, hidden, self-issued expurgations at Tiger. Go in Peace and forgiveness. -- TT

TT~ No, Tiger is not rich because of golf skill alone. Golf wouldn't pay anything without the fan base, endorsements, etc. -- as with any professional sport. I agree 100% with this article. Tiger, you deserve to look the public in the face with this one. I think this is not linked to forgiveness at all. Just a natural consequence of choosing to be famous, choosing endorsements, choosing to be married, and then choosing hookers. That's what he chose, and now he has to live with the consequences. He knew exactly what he was getting into all along. No surprises. -- Rachel

I believe that any human, no matter who they are and what their status in life is, deserves to deal with their family problems in privacy. Actually all this nonsense about who he cheated with and whether or not he and his wife are getting a divorce is none of anybody's business but theirs. Sorry, I side with Tiger on this one. Just because you are in the public limelight and because they made you famous doesn't mean that he should have to divulge his personal affairs. That's like saying that just because a person is paid by a company and they were helped by them to become wealthy at what they do best, it gives them the right to know everything about them. Sorry, I don't think so. Yeah, what he did was stupid, he knows that, but he's not the first, and he will never be the last. And whoever it may be in the future doesn't owe any of us an explanation, just their wives. I think the media and everyone else just want to know because they want to hear gossip, not because they are concerned about his reputation. Everyone has skeletons and they all come out of the closet one way or another, whether you try to make yourself out to be holy and pure or not. -- Monica

I've never purchased a product because of a certain person endorsing it. I think the fact that the "public" gives a flying flip what Tiger or any other person is doing is sad and pathetic. Need a life much? -- tennmom

Tiger Woods is no great man. I think we can all agree on that. But he does not preach. He may be rich and famous for the reasons you mention -- the people who watch him on TV, the people who attend the tournaments, the people who buy the products, etc. -- but WE, the public, have allowed those things to make a person rich and famous. Tiger is where he is because he rocks at golf. Clearly, he does not rock at marriage, but why is that any of our business? We weren't looking to him to set an example of a good marriage. I don't remember him being posted all over the parenting magazines for what a great husband and father he is (correct me if I'm wrong here). He is a guy. A really good golf guy -- who royally stinks at marriage. What does the public get out of him addressing it with us? Does he really owe us an explanation? No. This is between him and his wife. Let it be. It does his family no good for the public to stick our noses in it. I'm sure his innocent wife would appreciate if we would turn our heads as well. So if not for him, do it for her. Let it go already. -- Lauren

WE did not make Tiger Woods famous; bottom line, the man has an amazing GOD-given talent -- that's how he got where he is. He made bad choices, and to be quite frank, he and his family deserve privacy. What he does is frankly no one else's business. He puts his pants on, brushes his teeth and eats, poops just like every other human being. Furthermore, NO ONE knows for sure what happened -- we are all going by media stories. Stop being snarky and judgmental, women! Plus, WHY are you continuing to talk about it? Who cares? Did it affect you personally? NO! -- twoblondiesmommy

I think we can all agree that what Tiger did was wrong. However, as many of you have already stated, he is only human. He deserves his privacy to take care of his family matters, and when the time comes, if he deems it necessary, he'll speak out to the public. Articles like this are extremely hypocritical because you know you'd expect the same thing he is if you were put into the mass media for something you did wrong. -- Anonymous

Why is it that famous people always demand privacy when they are exposed for doing something they would be socially guilty for and not when they are doing good? I never heard any celebrity complaining when they are caught saving animals or snapped being nice to strangers, etc. So what's wrong with equal time of good and bad exposure? They are judged either way anyways. -- friend

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Anonymous December 20, 2009, 8:26 AM

He screwed up and deserves all the bad publicity he is getting.

Anonymous December 20, 2009, 8:40 AM

That cheater deserves all that bad publicity he’s getting!

Anonymous December 20, 2009, 12:32 PM

I wish they would give him some privacy, so they could cover something else on the news!

Sasha December 20, 2009, 2:23 PM

Yes, he deserves negative press since it was a negative, gross thing he did to his wife and family.


There is no special time frame for him to speak to the public! There are no rules here. No celeb MUST talk to us. We are too nosy as it is! Hence Princess Di being hunted down in that tunnel! People are freaking invasive to the point the paps get in accidents to this day, though none have resulted in Diana’s tragic end.

When Tiger is ready, he’ll sit on someone’s couch and say his piece. For right now, people need to shut up and worry about their own homefront till he is ready. Tiger is not famous because of us, he truly is a talented athlete and he deserved the fame, unlike those MTV Reality show cheeseballs people care too much about. People need to calm the heck down and go CHristmas shopping or do something more constructive with their time till he talks. It’s simple. When he’s ready he’ll talk. When Elin’s ready, surely she’ll have something to say as well. Goodness people!

nessa December 20, 2009, 11:05 PM

I find golf incredibly boring, and Tiger’s story of being the best golfer in the world only mildly amusing. However, he did not achieve fame by being a good husband. He achieved fame by being a great golfer. If he becomes a horrible golfer, and continues to golf publicly, then sure, give him some bad press. But, leave the man alone for his personal life. Nobody’s perfect. Most of us are incredibly screwed up. We all worst traits. Those things we hope and pray no one ever learns about us. This guy just had his very worst traits paraded in front of the entire world. He will never ever live it down. He can’t buy gas in a small town in North Dakota without seeing someone who knows the ugliest details of his life. No one deserves that. He didn’t do anything that effects anyone reading this. So, lets all get our noses of other people’s business.

Erika December 21, 2009, 1:36 PM

I think that Tiger Woods deserves privacy. Big deal he is famous. If you cheated on your husband/wife would you want the world to know about it?? Probably not. Seriously this is not news we need to stop talking about it and get over it.

Monica December 21, 2009, 6:08 PM

Tiger deserves a little privacy, but unfortunately he can’t expect privacy while leading a public life. His wife and children are the ones that truly deserve privacy and peace.

Joan December 22, 2009, 9:49 PM

Leave him alone, and the rest of you keep your own “side of the street” clean.

Vanessa December 24, 2009, 10:47 AM


P January 8, 2010, 1:30 PM

Tiger was not made famous by the public. Tiger made himself famous by his amazing talent, the public wanted more of an incrediable golfer..

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