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Feedback: Moms Speak Out about Cut Braid

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Last week, momlogic brought you the story of a Milwaukee mom who was outraged after a teacher cut her daughter's braid in class as a disciplinary measure. So were you! Read on:

girl with cut braid

That is absolutely insane. In my opinion, that constitutes assault/battery. What right did she have 1) to touch your child, let alone 2) physically discipline your child? -- Sam

Sue this woman at the very least. If it were my daughter, that teacher wouldn't be teaching anymore. This is not a suitable punishment. Time sitting in the hall or being sent to the office would have been suitable. Sounds to me like the teacher was just irritated over poor Lamya playing with her hair and made a horrible decision. And that decision should cost her. Even if it was an extension/microbraid, it still wouldn't be right. It's not her property. Next thing you know, this teacher would be out keying cars because she didn't like how someone parked, or kicking someone's dog for barking at her. I hope Lamya's mother pushes this and follows through on the possibility of a lawsuit. -- Emily

This so-called teacher should be FIRED! 1. She physically put her hands on a child. 2. She humiliated the child in front of peers. 3. She appears to think what she did was OK & she'd do it again (anger issues??). The school board should be reprimanded as well for not taking some kind of action. The soon-to-be ex-teacher should be made to publicly apologize to the child & family (not that it would make a difference). My child would NOT go back to this class. We tell children they are to trust certain adults, & this person completely violated any trust with the child whatsoever. What else has this teacher done that another child may be too timid to tell? -- Kim

This teacher needs to be FIRED today! What is the school thinking, allowing this behavior? She should be charged with battery. I hope this mother keeps pushing it until something is done against this teacher. Who knows what she is capable of next! -- Jan Smith

And people look at me funny when I say that I want to homeschool my kids. -- Stefanie

I'm a teacher and I'm appalled by this. She gives teachers a bad name. Just because you have a degree does not mean you should be working with children. I've dealt with horrible teachers myself, and it doesn't seem to matter what my profession is, I still have to deal with some tough teachers. If they don't have anger management skills, they shouldn't be teachers. There are too many loving, caring, qualified people that can do the job right. -- Anonymous

The most infuriating part -- which seems to be entirely overlooked -- is that it's NOT developmentally appropriate to expect a 7-year-old child to sit for extended periods of time. This girl was punished for a reasonable response (boredom) to an unnatural, ineffective learning environment. The main lessons kids absorb in such stifling environments are mindless obedience, to passively wait to be told what to learn, and that learning is a tedious chore. Public education needs a complete overhaul, incorporating what we've learned the last few decades about how kids learn best. Meaningful learning only happens when kids are truly engaged and enjoying themselves!! -- Anne Wood

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Anonymous December 24, 2009, 8:39 AM

Yeah sue the teacher. Then the already overtaxed Milwaukee taxpayers will probably have to foot the legal bill.

? December 24, 2009, 8:44 AM

poor little chocolate girl

bONNIE LEVY December 27, 2009, 4:12 AM

Baby I’m very sorry that happen we as parents try to teach our children to keep interest in school and keep there mind where it will help them make a better life for them self were sending our children to school to be taught by people who are passionate about the subjects!That they went to college to help our children learn .

Professor Linda March 2, 2010, 8:15 PM

The teacher is wrong.

So the kid was playing with her hair.
I FAIL to see that as relevant to learning. I sure as heck see no reason whatsoever to discipline someone who is playing with their hair. it is a comfort move. it is not like she was rearranging her privates. She is in first grade.

My husband plays with his hair.. so what? He is a bright man.

I play with my hair..& I had the highest IQ in my class and I am a PhD.

The teacher needs a time out. She has POWER on the brain…and does not respect this little child.

Calling the kid chocolate was rude and totally unrelated to anything. Just shows the respondent is a MENTAL MIDGET.

I loved my teachers in school. and yet I think learning can be so much more…and fun..I tried to impart that to my students.

Teacher was wrong. She was fined. Time to move on. This does not need to be made into a long term thing for the child. The hair will grow back. Teacher should apologize and all should move on.

Steven March 23, 2010, 11:08 PM

Was the teacher in the wrong? Hard to say without knowing what else was going on in the classroom, but it seems over the top to me. Was it assault? That also seems over the top to me.

Maybe the child in question should be homeschooled until she proves that she can behave herself in class. Or maybe she needs Ritalin and the teacher needs Valium.

What seems obvious to me is that either the teacher lacks the tools to control her classroom, or that the girl is uncontrollable and needed to be sent to the office, assuming that teachers and schools still do that. If discipline cases are no longer handled in the Principal’s office, that seems to mean that the school itself is broken.

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