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Grown-Up Sleepovers?

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If you're a single parent who's dating, you've surely thought about this dilemma.

teen walking in on parents

Single Mom Seeking: How do you plan an adults-only overnight?

If you have shared custody -- and you have a parenting plan with your ex -- this is a no-brainer. You know when you'll have free evenings for YOU.

But what if you have sole custody, or limited "me time"? Sure, you might hire a babysitter and get a few hours with your boy/girlfriend. You might get some childcare support from friends and relatives.

Of course, married couples fool around when their kids are in the house. But what if you're a single parent of teens?

We wonder: does this parenting decision get more complicated as kids get older?

Say you're a single mom who has been dating a guy for months. It's looking serious and long-term. But you can't exactly "sneak" him in ... because you have teenagers!

So, do you:

Speak directly to your kids -- and say what?

Just "do it" and wait for their reaction?

Or do you forget the whole thing?

We'd love to know what you think: Do kid feelings count when you decide whether grown-up sleepovers are going to happen?

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tennmom December 1, 2009, 10:28 AM

Before I was widowed my parents started taking my then 2 year old & infant for a night a couple of times a month as soon as the younger daughter would take a bottle. As they got older they started staying a night every weekend, which made it easy for me and my current husband of 2 years to spend time together.

Anonymous February 20, 2010, 5:35 PM

Kids feelings DEFINITELY count. So do the values you want to teach your kids about sex and relationships. You have to be willing to live by the same rules you are preaching to your kids. There are plenty of ways to spend time with bfs and gfs without making everyone uncomfortable…

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