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[Newly] Single for the Holidays

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After you reach a certain age -- maybe over 28 or so -- being single around the holidays isn't easy.

newly single for the holidays

Charles Orlando: Women who are single, or newly single (read: recently divorced), might be faced with new challenges this year -- not only tasks like filling stockings for themselves and/or their kids this Christmas, but they also might be putting plans together to paint the town on New Year's Eve ... stag.

There is nothing at all wrong with being on your own for the holidays. But for some ladies, holiday season sans significant other is a new thing. For those women, I offer these suggestions:

  • Singles with singles. Hanging with friends who are married or with a partner/date might be nice, but it might be a better idea to hang out with people who are also single. Holiday parties for singles abound in major metropolitan areas; if you're away from the major cities, start your own tree trimming or New Year's Eve soiree. No need to make yourself uncomfortable with couples kissing at the stroke of midnight.
  • Do the crawl. Go to more than one party. The change of atmosphere will allow variety, as well as offer romantic "protection": if one party ends up mostly couples, you won't be stuck as the only single woman ... you can move on (just be sure you are with a designated driver or have a taxi service on-call as you move from party to party).

  • Throw your own bash. Forget the whole party and pressure thing, and host a party yourself. Cocktails, movies, or a game of Guitar Hero might be just what Dr. Romance ordered.
  • Choose a friend. Instead of standing alone kissless when the bell sounds the start of 2010, choose your bubbly partner ahead of time. A friend or relative is perfect to pop the champagne with and will keep your head clear.

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commonsense December 18, 2009, 10:18 AM

LOL the author is married? Who would marry a moron like this. Next to Politics advice columnists & stock traders are the next biggest frauds & scams in the history of the world.

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