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No Way, Spa Day

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When I was going to spa day with three girlfriends, I was really nervous about them seeing me naked! Gulp!

woman in hot tub

Momlogic's Julie: When my BFF gave me a gift certificate for a massage, I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to get a relaxation massage, because Lord knows I needed it.

But when the day came to actually meet my three girlfriends at the spa, I was gripped with fear.


I didn't want them to see me naked!

These three women are supermodel skinny, and I am more of a "normal" weight. Not fat, but not rail-thin either!

I decided to bring a bathing suit. I ran by my house to grab one on the way to the spa, only to realize I didn't have my house key with me ... I had given it to a friend who had been getting our mail while we were out of town. Dammit.

Au naturel it would be!

When I got to the spa, I was the first one there. I went straight to the whirlpool. At least they wouldn't see me get in. (I also made a mental note of how foolish I was being worrying about this when it was supposed to be a relaxing spa day, but such is life.)

When my BFF got there, she was in a bikini. I kicked myself for not bringing my suit. She joined me in the spa, and our other friends soon arrived. They were engrossed in conversation when I slipped out and put on my robe. Phew! Crisis averted.

After our massages, there seemed to be a shortage of available showers. My friend asked me if I wanted to share hers, but I tactfully declined. When she asked me why, I said: "Too fat!" She laughed and reminded me that she had seen me give birth, for God's sakes. I told her I knew I was being ridiculous, but I'd still wait for my own shower so I could nurse my neuroses in private.

Fess up, ladies: Do YOU get freaked out about having your friends see you naked during a spa day? Why or why not?

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abbi December 1, 2009, 8:47 AM

well, i work out everyday and have a much better body than all of the mommies - and most (if not all) of the nonmommies - i know.
so, to get naked infront of them would be fine, nothing like bitter jealous glares to know you’re lookin’ good and give the ego a lil’ boost!!

i don’t care that they’re haters though, healthy diet and exercise will make anyone look good and glowing.

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