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Santa, You Scare Me!

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I took my 16-month-old to see Santa. The result is the picture you see here.

kid with santa claus

Christina Montoya Fiedler: To make myself feel better about the whole thing, I'm looking at this as a right of passage for both me (as a mom) and my son, because who doesn't have one just like it in their family album?

Here's how it happened:

My son is still too young to know what Christmastime is all about, yet old enough to be enthralled with all things shiny and glittery.

Flash back a week prior to when this photo was taken, as we walked our local outdoor mall (the Grove in Los Angeles, CA). He nearly jumped out of his stroller at the first glimpse of Santa's workshop. I mean, it really was magnificent in all its ginger-bready, snow-topped, gum-dropped glory. Even I "oohed" and "aahhed" right along with him.

This happened every time we passed it, so I thought, what was the harm in bringing him to see Santa if he seems to be so interested in his workshop? Boy was I wrong.

As I forced my screaming kid onto Santa's lap, a light went off in my head. I was going against everything I plan to teach him as he grows up:

Never, never talk to strangers.
Tell him what you want for Christmas!

Don't take candy from strangers!
Take that candy cane!

Call me for help if you are scared.
Wait it out so we can take this picture!

Ugh! That's twisted.

And to top it all off, we shoved money at the guy, whoever he was, so he could give us a celluloid remembrance of the tragic event. Wow.

And now my son has learned a new word. Santa. But he says it not so much as a declaration but as a question (filled no doubt with fear): Saaaannnta?

Don't worry, kid. He scares me too.

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Lynne December 22, 2009, 8:30 AM

I don’t get forcing a crying kid to sit on Santa’s lap for a picture. There are 2 years where my DD doesn’t have a picture with him because she was afraid and cried.

gbmonkey December 22, 2009, 11:55 AM


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