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Keep Those Resolutions Alive!

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JJ Virgin: Tick-tock, tick-tock. We're approaching the end of January 2010. That means a few things are a given -- Valentine's Day is around the corner, spring clothes are coming out, and your dieting resolution might just be hitting the skids. Try these techniques to keep yourself on track.

Rewind to that Jan. 1 resolution to FINALLY get in shape, drop pounds, and become healthy in 2010. Maybe you've made some solid changes (congrats!), but the progress seems slow and your resolution is fading fast. Before you jump knee-deep into a bag of Doritos, I want you to try six easy ways to stay on track. The progress you see from doing these things will also help to motivate you again.

6 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Resolutions Alive!

Stop the snacking.

Every time you are eating that 100-calorie snack pack, you are raising blood sugar, which slows down fat burning. Think about it: If you are eating, does your body need to dig in and use stored fat for fuel?

Add some nut butters.

In a recent study, dieters who ate a tablespoon of peanut butter a day lost more weight than those who didn't.

Add vinegar to your meals.

It acts to sensitive insulin receptors like the diabetic drug metformin, which helps you control both your appetite and blood sugar better.

Lose the artificial sweeteners.

When you eat sweet, you crave sweet. Also, artificial sweeteners can cause calorie dysregulation. This means you can no longer correlate the degree of sweetness with the amount of calories eaten -- which can cause you to overeat.

Treat yourself.

Give yourself PERMISSION to have three bites of a treat -- ideally, dark chocolate with berries -- to keep those cravings under control. Total denial will make you want to cheat. Three bites of a treat will go a long way in helping you feel like you can eat what you want ... because you can.

Stop starving.

If you cut your calories too much, you will get irrational and cranky and overeat. Be sure to eat enough of clean lean protein, healthy fats, high-fiber carbs, and non-starchy veggies at each meal to be able to go four to six hours without getting hungry.

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