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Give Your Man Some Helpful Hints

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Have you ever had to tell a man that he has body odor, bad breath, and eats like a pig?

woman handing man a breath mint

Lisa Conrad Cohen: I introduced my female client to someone whom I thought would be the man of her dreams. Well, in a lot of ways, he was -- except for one thing.

He stunk!! Here was this attractive, dashing, charming, successful gentleman who didn't shower or use deodorant, or maybe he did and has a medical problem. She called me asking if I would talk to him. I met him for coffee and asked him how many showers he takes a week, and did he eat garlic for lunch. I also asked him how he would feel if I fixed him up with a woman who smelled like the Fulton Fish Market. He said it would be a huge turnoff.

What If He Has Bad Breath?

If you're on a date with someone who kisses you goodnight and has bad breath, immediately offer him a mint. If he doesn't get the picture, ask him if he had garlic for lunch. If he doesn't get the picture and asks you out again, tell him you would love to, but first he needs to brush, floss, and carry breath mints. If it's a medical issue, he needs to see a homeopathic doctor who hopefully can fix the problem.

Does He Have Body Odor?

If you're on a date and he has body odor, try to hold out until the date is over and then go buy your favorite shower gel for men and give it to him on your next date. I believe in getting right to the point. On your next date, give him your favorite smelling shower gel and tell him it really turns you on. If he uses it, you're in business. You need to be upfront and honest by saying that you really like him and would love it if he uses a different shower gel or deodorant. If he cares about you, he will address the matter.

He Eats Like a Pig

If you're out having dinner and he chews with his mouth open, the food is everywhere but in his mouth, and he moves the food to the fork with his fingers, it's time to address the situation. Ask him to please use his knife ... if he likes you, he will respect you for it.

Napkins Are Meant for Laps

If he blows his nose with the cloth napkin, excuse yourself from the table and, after you throw up in the bathroom, go back to the table, hand him a Kleenex, and say, "I think you might want to use this." That should give him the message.

Get a Manicure

If he doesn't clean his fingernails, the next time you see him, give him a men's manicure kit and say, "I bought you a present" -- and hope he uses it. If not, take him with you the next time you get a manicure and treat him to one.

Take a Bath

If you're having sex and you're down there and can't survive the smell, draw a bubble bath for the both of you or take a nice warm shower together, and lather him up until he's squeaky clean.

In Closing

We're like animals searching for our mate. There's nothing sexier than a man who has a great scent, good manners, and is well groomed. Some men have an innate scent that can really be a turn-on. Unfortunately, some men weren't taught good hygiene by their mothers. Teach them how to smell good and take care of themselves. As long as they're open to it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Cheryl January 6, 2010, 10:48 AM

I do not think any woman should have to teach a date basic grooming and hygiene. It is one thing if he needs a mint, but entirely another if he is chewing like a pig and blowing his nose in his napkin at the table. Women need to stop trying to fix every guy they meet. If he is a pig, either you like him how he is, or you move on. I doubt most men would really appreciate your efforts to “fix” them, considering they thought they were fine in the first place.

BB January 7, 2010, 8:15 AM

Replying to the person above, It’s not taking over their lives or “fixing” them. It’s voicing an issue (smell, mannerism) that bothers you in order to try and work it out.

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