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Is Sugar Addiction for Real?

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We all LOVE sugar, but are you and your kids taking in too much of a good thing?

kid eating candy bar

Single Mom Seeking Rachel Sarah: When we recently read a post on The Skinny on Sugar: How Much is Too Much?, we wondered: How much sugar is too much?

Are you concerned about how much sugar your kids (and you) consume?

For the record: Both of us have chocolate stashes in our cupboards. And, although we try to feed our kids wholesome foods, we have served our share of instant oatmeal and chocolate milk for breakfast. And flavored yogurt and PB&J for lunch.

In her post, food sociologist Dina Rose says it's a parent's job to "train" their kids' taste buds for healthy eating.

"When it comes to sugar consumption, you only need to consider one thing," explains Dina. "How often is 'sweet' the flavor your kids consume?"

Here's another thing: We hear a lot of chatter from other parents about kids' behavior and sugar consumption. We noticed during the holidays that kids acted out more as their sugar consumption rose.

Yet maybe it's not the sugar, but rather the change in their routine and all the holiday excitement?

We're curious (and we're not judging, because we're in your shoes!):

• Do you try to limit your kids' sugar consumption? (Practical tips welcome!)

• Do health concerns motivate your efforts to keep meals sugar-free?

• Or, do you notice a real change in your kids' behavior when they're on "sugar overload"?

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Anonymous January 27, 2010, 9:55 AM

Wimpy parents are just too lazy to feed their kids the right foods.

Different Anonymous Mom January 27, 2010, 10:20 AM

My daughter usually gets a dessert after a decent dinner, but even then I’m regretting getting her into that habit. I try to keep healthy or semi-healthy items in the house - even the Pringles she eats are in 100-calorie packs. I don’t want to label any food as being “FORBIDDEN” but at the same time, try to steer her towards the better options. Doesn’t always work.

MomOf2Boys January 27, 2010, 12:34 PM

wow anonymous mom #1, good way to tear other mothers down! our kids eat pretty healthy meals and their desserts are sugar free popsicles or sugar free pudding

Parent of the World January 27, 2010, 2:23 PM

It is true that good eating habits start at home. Be just as worried about what you are eating as your children. If they grow up seeing you eat ice cream for every meal, they assume it is normal. Often, kids want to eat junk food because it tastes a whole lot better than dinner. How to combat this? Make dinner taste better.

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