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Kids, Don't Run with Chopsticks!

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One boy's tragedy serves as a warning for all moms.

Chinese boy lucky after chopstick enters skull

A little boy in China was playing with chopsticks when he fell and one of the sticks pierced his nose and entered his brain. OMG, can you even imagine?!

"It touched upon the deep area of his brain, four centimeters of the chopstick was inside his skull," Dr. Sun Wei told CNN.

His parents had to drive ten hours to a hospital, and doctors feared removing the chopstick would rupture an artery. However, they were able to pull the chopstick out without incident, and say the boy should make a 100% recovery.

Doctors say if the chopstick had gone any further in, it would have caused life-threatening bleeding. If the chopstick was a little more to either side, the boy may have been permanently paralyzed.

How scary!

Let this serve as a warning ... never let kids run with chopsticks (or pencils, or drumsticks), not even once!

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