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Kid's Tree House for a Pirate's Ransom

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You might have to become a pirate yourself to be able to afford this kid's hideout. Arr matey!

You don't need a tree for this tree house -- it's got one. Built in. What you will need, however, is money. Lots of it. The Pirate Hideaway Tree House is available on poshtots for $17,900.00.


And check out these over-the-top kids beds!

7 Over-the-Top Kids Beds

1) A Bed That Costs as Much as a Mercedes Benz

The description for this extravagant bed says, "Your little sleeping beauty will dream of her prince as she sleeps away her enchantment in this exquisite coach!" You, on the other hand, will never sleep again knowing you're $75,000 in debt.
Available at Poshtots

2) Bedtime Blitzkrieg

Kids, declare war on bedtime! Nothing says sweet dreams like sleeping in a replica of an armored tank. Your little sleepy head can lull themselves to dreamland with visions of liberating Germany. Comes with matching ammo toy box. Available at V.I.P Kids

3) Hide-a-Kid

This bed is awesome for kids who hate to make their bed -- all they have to do is slide the door closed and voila! -- the bed is tucked away from mommy's view. The clever bed is made by Scandinavia designer, Ratia

4) The "One Fell Off and Bumped His Head" Bed

No more monkeys jumping on the bed? Yeah, right. This crazy bed/jungle gym is a good way for kids to wear themselves out before visiting Sleepy Land -- or to be rushed to the ER after they break their arm. The Haba Swing Bed, (not available in U.S) goes for 3,000 Euros (4,038.18 USD).

5) Chuckwagon Toddler Bed

Here's the perfect bed for your little toddler cowpoke -- that is if you hanker to let Posh Tots ride away with your $13,000! Yee haw! Milk jug and rope included.

6) The Princess and the Pee

So unbelievably gorgeous, this uber-sumptuous bed looks like it belongs in a museum -- not in the bedroom of a little girl who still might be wetting the bed.

For sale on Posh Tots for $4,800 -- not including the linens.Hmm, how would it look with waterproof sheets?

7) Countdown to Bedtime

Cool bed for that future astronaut in your life. Sure, NASA doesn't have the greatest track record, but if you want to take the chance -- put you kid to sleep a replica of Space Shuttle bed. Kids enter the cockpit through the side door or climbing up to the cargo bay on the attached ladder. Blast off for an out of this world $2595.00.

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