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Memory Overload

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I spent an hour searching for my car key today.

woman thinking

Leslie Adler: For the life of me, I could not recall where I left it, and this exercise in frustration made me wonder ...

What if my brain is like my laptop and it has a limited amount of memory? What if I run out of bytes or gigs or gigabytes or whatever the words are that quantify information storage? 'Cause if that's the case, if I could be running out of storage space, then I need to call in the "Mental Geek Squad" to delete all the useless sh*t that is in my head, and I need to do it fast. Tonight someone sent me a Brady Bunch quiz and I scored 100. Do I really need to retain that Marcia tried to get Davy Jones to perform at her prom, or that the name of the Brady family's musical group was the Silver Platters? (Amateur-ish questions, by the way ... I mean I could jump right to "Brady Bunch for 1000" on Double Jeopardy and blow Alex Trebek away ... trust me ...)

And why do I still remember Felix Unger's "Ode to a Skyscraper"? Or Oscar Madison's favorite meal?

Or every monologue by Roseanne Roseannadanna?

What if there is no room in my brain for what I had for dinner last night because I can't let go of the lyrics to every Barry Manilow song? The names of my elementary school teachers? The words to the television theme songs of hit shows from the '70s?

I went to dial the phone number for one of my BFFs the other day ... a number I have dialed daily for years ... so many times I don't even have her number in my "contact list" on my phone, and a "senior moment" kept me from doing this for half an hour ... yet I can internally "Google" David Cassidy's birthday, the inappropriate rhymes of Andrew Dice Clay, and my phone number when I was 12.

Even the technologically challenged can manage to add/remove programs from their computer's hard drive, right? Maybe I can figure out how to manage the memory capacity of my mind?

Or maybe ... I'll be the one singing "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip ..." while searching for the place I left my car key.

I always look for the bright side ...

"The average pencil is just seven inches long -- with just a half-inch eraser ... in case you thought optimism was dead."

Great quote ... if you can remember it.

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Nicole January 19, 2010, 11:13 PM


April Drennan March 14, 2010, 12:33 PM

I know that frustration. I have the best long term memory of anyone I know, but I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. The bad thing is that I am only 30! The worst is when I make a sincere effort to remember something specific (like where I parked in a parking garage)and I still can’t remember it.

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