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Millennium Moms

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Do you remember that "millennium baby" craze in 1999?

mother and daughter

Single Mom Seeking: April 9, 2000, was the big conception day for a chance at delivering a baby if you wanted to make it before the millennium ended.

Lori, who had her son in October 2000, recalls a recent conversation with him about being born that year: "We thought the world would end or change drastically, as all the computers were supposed to crash ... He was so excited after our talk, when he realized he was "special" just because of his birth date -- and he was relieved that the world didn't end before he was born!"

Remember those fears? We DO!

Are you one of THOSE moms? So, now that it's 2010, here's what a couple of "millenni-moms" have to say about parenting your "millenni-kids" in the New Year!

"Millennium kids are kids of technology," says Aviva of, mom of a son born in 2000.

Initially, she was very hesitant about tech games. "I had no desire to have a Wii or XBox or anything like that in our home," she says.

But today? "I found my own comfort level with them. I worried less about the use of these devices somehow harming him -- and turned my focus on how to get the best out of them. Our family rocks together with Guitar Hero, my son and I get in the occasional afternoon workout on our Wii."

One mom I interviewed even set up her millennium daughter with her own Twitter account so she can launch her own business!

"Let them teach you technology, from designing your penguin on a computer game to saving a background picture on your cell phone," adds Millennium Mom Deborah of Maine (and spokesperson of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife!).

Deborah actually had two daughters in 2000 -- one in January and the next in December! "Children born in the 21st century have more smarts and are more savvy than those of us who are so last century with college degrees ... lMicrochips are part of their DNA. You'll get set up a lot faster by handing off electronics to your kids."

If you're a Millennium Mom, let's hear from you!

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Anonymous January 2, 2010, 2:42 PM

Get over it you paranoid parents!

@lizzieormiston January 3, 2010, 1:25 PM

I think the date in this post should be April 9, 1999. I have a daughter born Dec 30, 1999. She was born on her due date. It was a crazy night at the hospital - it was so packed with moms-to-be trying to have the first baby of the millenium. She just turned 10. And, yes, I do remember what I was doing 10 years ago this past New Years Eve.

Duh March 5, 2010, 7:30 AM

Lizzieormiston….the new Millennium began in 2001.

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