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Mom Desperately Trying to Get Son Out of Haiti

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Last week, we told you about Mom to 14, whose 4-year-old son was trapped in Haiti. Now her husband has flown over to get him ... but they still can't get out of the country. They need your help!

My 4-Year-Old Son is Trapped in Haiti

Last Wednesday, we brought you Sarah's story. Her son, Isaac, whom she's been trying to adopt since 2006, is in an orphanage in Haiti. He thankfully survived the quake, and Sarah's husband flew over to try to get him.

But even though he reached the orphanage, it is too dangerous to get them out.

Sarah writes:

Please pray for Isaac and the other children at his orphanage. There is a great deal of violence going on and they are unable to get the children from the orphanage and into Port-au-Prince to the embassy. We are praying that they can get a plane or something in there to pick up the children. The road conditions aren't the best, and on a good day, driving them is dangerous because of bandits and kidnapping. Right now it would be foolish for my husband to try to take Isaac on these roads on his own. We aren't able to find anyone to go with them because frankly -- it's that dangerous. Cars are being stopped because people are desperate for anything that they can get their hands on.

Please pray that somehow the government makes it possible for them to fly out of Northern Haiti! Please pray that they can process the visa in Florida once they arrive. Or please pray for some kind of help for this desperate situation that many children are stuck in. WE MUST KEEP THEM SAFE!!!!!

Today, she has issued an urgent plea:

Anyone have a family member who we can charter a flight from? We will find the money. We need a plane and a pilot and a dollar $$$ amount. Please let me know ASAP:

If you know anyone who can help, please forward this message. Help bring this boy home!

We spoke with Sarah moments ago. She says: "I feel terrible. Horrible. Frustrated and confused why no one is helping make this happen. I am really worried about the safety and well-being of my husband and son. Isaac has his little backpack on and has thought twice now that he was leaving. He is upset because he thinks that they have to stay there and won't get to come home. He has waited to leave there his whole life. Can you imagine what that would feel like to a 4-year-old? It kills me."

We hope that Isaac and Sarah's husband come home safely soon, and will keep you updated on this stressful situation. Sarah, we are pulling for you!

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saddened January 21, 2010, 12:22 PM

I’m sorry, I feel for you and your husband and Isaac, I really do. But I have to admit, I am as sickened by this story as I was by the news piece a few days ago about Governor Ed Rendell and Congressman Jason Altmire pulling strings to get orphans already adopted by US citizens out of Haiti. There have been so many stories of doctors for Doctors Without Borders, their medical supplies, and food and water supplies being TURNED AWAY from the airport in Haiti because the volume of planes waiting to land there was too much for the U.S. Army to handle — but yet our government sends in a plane to rescue 53 kids, and your husband flies in to save one little boy. We need to look at the big picture here. There are thousands upon thousands of people starving to death and dying in hospitals because they don’t have basic supplies like anesthesia for amputations and blood for transfusions. How many people could have been saved if a Doctors Without Borders plane had been allowed to land instead of your husband’s? We forget sometimes to put the greater good ahead of our own.

Jolene January 21, 2010, 12:43 PM

Dear saddened, TOTALLY diaagree with you. When it is YOUR child you will do anything it takes to get there to save him … anything at all. Sarah, you shouldn’t feel a bit bad about what you are doing. I hope you get him out safely.

Angela January 21, 2010, 12:43 PM

Wow. I agree that there are so many needs right now and not enough resources, but this is her CHILD we are talking about here. She has loved him and tried to bring him home for 3 1/2 years. It would take a heart of steel to think about your own baby and tell yourself, “Well, it really is too bad that he’s starving over there but at least other lives are being saved.” I know that there needs to be prioritizing of efforts so that the most help can be rendered but I do not blame this family AT ALL for doing all they can to save their son and I’m hoping and praying that they do. How about a little compassion for a mom living out her worst nightmare?

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