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Mom Sues, Says Son's Teacher Humiliated Him

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What happened to her son has this mom pulling her hair out.

Momlogic's Julie: Hearing about kids being publicly humiliated by teachers always makes me sick. After all, these are the people who are supposed to protect and guide our kids ... not emotionally abuse them.

boy with ponytails

As a kid, I was teased enough by other students ... I don't know what I would have done if the teachers mocked me, too.

So when I heard about what happened to Amanda Anoai's son, I was outraged.

According to a lawsuit Amanda has now filed against the school district, the trouble began on September 29.

She says her son, who is in sixth grade, was asked by his language arts teacher at Boyd E. Smith Elementary School in Milford, Ohio, to deliver a message to another room.

While he was gone, the teacher reportedly told the class that she was going to play a prank on the boy. When he returned, the teacher's aide approached him with a pair of hair clippers and pretended to shave his shoulder-length hair, the lawsuit states.

Okay, that's bad enough.

But THEN, the suit says, the teacher pulled the boy's hair into three ponytails -- one above each ear, and one atop his head -- with bands and introduced him to the class as a new student with a female name.

WTF? WHAT were these so-called "teachers" thinking?!

Just when you think it can't get any worse ... Amanda claims the teacher's aide then walked her son to other sixth grade classrooms to show his ponytails, and classmates laughed and called him names including "girl," ''ponytails," and "pigtails."

OMG, if that had happened to my son, I would have been so outraged! It makes my blood boil just thinking about it!

Amanda said that her son cried when he told her what had happened, and said it "embarrassed him and made him feel stupid." She says she cried, too.

Being forced to show classmates the ponytails "caused him extreme humiliation, embarrassment and emotional distress," and school officials failed to protect him against "gender-based harassment," the lawsuit alleges.

Amanda said her son did not want to return to school, but she advised him to try after school officials told her he would not have to be in the room with both women together, reports KOCO. When he later told her he was with both of them, she switched him to another school.

She has now filed a lawsuit against teacher Tori Bothe, the teacher's aide, school Principal Jill Chin, Milford Exempted Village School District, and Superintendent Robert Farrell. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, and charges that school officials violated the boy's constitutional rights and intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

I, for one, hope she wins!

Why do teachers like this feel the need to humiliate students? WHY?

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J0nas November 29, 2010, 5:03 PM

Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd that mom is so concerned about her son’s humiliation so she makes it public? My son goes to the school that this boy transferred to. Nobody was aware of this until the PR blitz that mom & Mr Deters conducted. A big check is their idea of resolution. Surprised?

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