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Recession Mama's New Year's Advice

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Well, it's a new year, and my advice is: less is more.

woman organizing closet

Recession Mama Michele Ashamalla: Consume less, buy less, and spend less on what you buy. Instead of picking up a little something for yourself, go on a day trip with family or a friend. Instead of buying your kids another toy, take them bowling or miniature golfing. I know people who go to the mall as an activity. How about a park or beach instead? Take a hike, learn to knit, write a real letter. Make soup with your kids and deliver it to a sick friend. Make memories -- not clutter.

If you have a gift closet, where you store gifts to give others, stop buying more gifts and start giving! Organize the rest of your stuff. Put things in logical places so you can find them when you need them. Then you won't waste time looking for them or waste money buying what you already have but can't find. Donate what you don't need so someone else can use it. Let your kids help you, and then you help them do the same.

We've all got a brand-new year ahead of us, and anything is possible, even with small steps. If you write a page a day, at the end of the year, you'd have a book. Let's see if we can all write our books this year ...

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