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Resolving to Take Me as I Am

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My new year's resolution is to accept the way I am -- TODAY!

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Kimberly Seals Allers: Every year, people start the year off with a laundry list of the things about themselves, their lives, and their ways that they want to change, fix, or improve. This year, I'm saying, I'm damn good just as I am. Hey, I'm not perfect, and I can certainly improve on more than a few things. But instead of starting the year focusing on the things that I don't like about myself, I'm resolving to embrace a few of those things -- embracing all of me, even the imperfect bits. So, for this new year, I share with you the five things about myself I resolve to accept in 2010:

1. My C-section pouch. I've been cut past the white meat twice to have these here children, and I have a small mini pouch to prove it. Every year, I vow to rid myself of this extra skinnage. I've bought the Ab Rocker, Ab Roller, Ab Blocker, Ab Folder, and several other late-night gizmos. All of which are doing great things in the basement. But this year I'm embracing my little flap. I'm buying a new pair of Spanx, so I still look mommy hot in my skinny jeans, and increasing my weekly deposits to my get-a-tummy-tuck-at-40-or-die-trying fund.

2. The mail pile on my dining room table. I would love to say this pile, which has turned my table into a paper mound, will disappear in 30 days -- but the truth is, it won't. And if it did, another pile would just replace it (trust me, I tried). So, I'm keeping the pile on my table. And besides, doing the roundhouse, full-arm push required to move the heavy pile to the side to make space to eat dinner is part of my get-Michelle-Obama-arms workout routine.

3. Laundry. Yes, I do laundry. Or pay to have it done. Either way, my children have clean clothes. But it always seems that after I bring it upstairs from the laundry room, it just can't seem to make it into the drawers. There are always laundry baskets of clean clothes in everyone's room, including mine. The seemingly simple task of putting the clothes into a drawer has become a Herculean feat. What gives? I'm done battling this mystery. And opting for a big 2010 "So What?" Besides, I'm sure fishing for clean clothes every morning helps stimulate my kids' brain activity.

4. Learn how to swim. Don't get me wrong, I won't drown. I can do a mean sister doggie paddle (that's where we keep our head above water because we don't want to get our hair wet! LOL!). But we have a sizable pool at our home, and every year, as I watch my children become stronger and stronger swimmers, I start to feel like crap. Especially when they ask me to go off the diving board or swim the length of the pool. Mama doesn't do that. Now I do take my pool safety and CPR course every year, keep my safety tools nearby, and never, ever leave them unattended in the pool. But doing cannonballs with mom just ain't going to happen. This year, instead of feeling bad, I'm willing to accept that. There is so much that I do actually do with them, this year I'm willing to take a pass on the diving board. And with no apologies.

5. Stretch marks on my butt. When I was pregnant, my belly was always greased like a fresh-from-the-pan piece of fried chicken. I even created my own concoctions of olive oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and maybe even a little Crisco, just to keep the stretch marks away. And it worked -- I don't have one stretch mark on my tummy. Whoo hoo! But I should have turned around and hit the derriere area when I was doing all the buttering up. How did I miss that? Aaarggh! Every year, I start off with a new routine, cream, or serum to rid my bottom of my tiger stripes. Then I fall off the wagon -- who needs one more thing to do before bed? Anyway, this year, I'm embracing my stretch marks as beauty marks that add character. (Truth be told, the way things are going in my love life, I don't think anyone will see them again anyway!)

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LindsayDianne January 5, 2010, 8:53 AM

I am SO happy to read this post. It tickles me from the inside out. A New Years post about embracing our “downfalls”; those things that we each try to hide but that are indisputably human characteristics.
Who gives a poop if there is laundry to fold when they’re out having FUN with said children and making MORE dirty clothes? No one. That’s who.
Great great great post!

Kevin January 7, 2010, 1:28 PM

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