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Stick with It and Keep Moving!

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It's time for this week's steps to getting you fit!

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Runner Mom Vickie Leff: You are cursing me this week, I can hear you! But you have to admit, you feel good about your progress. You've stuck with it for week one, and you're on your way to reaching your goals. Now comes the really hard part (you knew it would be hard, didn't you?). You have to put in the time to build your foundation. Whether you are a first-time runner, old runner, or currently running, your foundation will allow you to reach your goals. Kind of like building the foundation of a building, it will collapse without that layer.

Here are your tasks for the next two weeks -- print this out and post it on your fridge.
Remember, no matter what: finish what you set out to do on the days you walk/run.

Level 1 (Novice):
Week of Jan. 8: Increase mileage
Continue your walking, but increase the time/distance to one mile now. Either find a new one-mile route or walk your half-mile route twice. I want you to pick up the pace starting today. You should be breathing heavily and working up a sweat. Do this four times this week.

Week of Jan. 15: Add jogging
Using your one-mile route, start out walking for 10 minutes, then jog for two minutes. Repeat until you've finished your mile. Do this four times this week.

Homework: Find a 1 ½ mile route and a two-mile route for the week of Jan 22.

Level 2 (Intermediate):

Week of Jan. 8: Increase mileage and time
You've been doing a walk/jog for one mile this past week. Time to bump up the mileage!
Find a two-mile route. You are going to do the whole two miles. You will walk for fifteen minutes, then jog for five minutes, until you are done with the two miles. Do this three to four times this week.

Week of Jan. 15:
Add more jogging
Still doing your two-mile route, walk for ten minutes and jog for five minutes, until you've completed the two miles. You should be sweating, and your legs may feel tired. Do this four times this week.

Homework: Look for a 5k road race in May!

Level 3 (Advanced):
Week of Jan. 8: Add jogging
You've been doing a walk/run this past week for two or three miles. Time to kick it up. Let's start to flip the walk/run to run/walk! Starting this week, using your two-mile route, walk for five minutes, then jog for ten minutes. Repeat until you finish your route. Don't worry about how fast you are running. You should be able to talk and run at the same time -- otherwise, slow down!

Week of Jan. 15: Three-mile marker
Time to start doing three miles. We are still going to run/walk. Walk for five minutes, jog for ten, for the entire three miles. Slow down if need be. The point here is to complete the three-mile route, not to win the race. You are building up your endurance and pacing. This is a critical phase in your working up to the long miles. Our goal is to run the three miles without any walk breaks, but not yet. Don't cheat! I'll know.

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Karen January 11, 2010, 4:53 AM

Cursing??? That’s one way of putting it. BUT, I am hanging in there and I think my butt is hanging less BECAUSE of YOU… well and me since I am moving more!!! Thanks for all the motivation and great ideas!

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