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'Twilight' Dad Nervous about Steamy Sex Scenes

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Peter Facinelli, or Dr. Carlisle Cullen to his fans, has a message for the producers of "Breaking Dawn."

peter facinelli
In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, the "Twilight" saga's head vampire, Peter Facinelli, says he wants producers to keep sex scenes in "Breaking Dawn" (the fourth and final film) PG-13 -- so his daughter can see the movie! And, for those of you that read the book, you know that when Bella and Edward finally get together, um, it's anything but PG. "I have a 12-year-old daughter. She's a fan, and I'd want her not to feel left out or awkward," says the 37-year-old dad who is married to actress Jennie Garth, adding, "Hopefully it's a PG-13 type of situation. I'm sure the producers and directors know what they want -- and especially what they are doing -- but I'm sure they don't want to alienate fans."

"Eclipse," the third movie in the "Twilight" series, is set for release in June of this year. Word is "Breaking Dawn" will start shooting later on this year.

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Melissa January 20, 2010, 5:15 PM

Come on. I mean I love Peter and all, but come on. WE wait so long to finaly see some action in the least touchy romance books ever. Can’t he just show it to his daughter and fast foward? Or just let her watch. I mean she’s like twelve( I’m assuming he means his oldest), you can’t keep her sheltered forever.

Wendi January 20, 2010, 6:39 PM

They need to keep it PG-13 at max. To many young girls are into this and they do not need to be seeing sex. They should be sheltered, if not that is how we end up with kids having kids.

Anonymous January 20, 2010, 10:01 PM

So, Wendi, it’s okay for them to read about sex but not to see it? If they’ve read the books, they already know about the pretty intense sexual experience the characters have…

Derelict January 20, 2010, 10:52 PM

I agree with Anonymous, if they read the books then they already know what happens in the movie. And if the parent is going to complain about that then they shouldn’t have let their kid(s) read the books in the first place…am I right

Alana January 20, 2010, 11:06 PM

So people are suggesting that they take out one of the climaxes in the film?
18-onwards shouldnt have to suffer because some parents decide it is unnapropriete, and no doubt it is for children but if its a rating other then PG or G then its you’r choice weather your children can watch it or not.
If these scences get takin out of the film then your just taking away half the book.
Its not a story without it.
Same with the books, stephanie myer is a great writer. If you dont want your children reading those types of books,or watch those movies so be it, dont punish the rest of the world because you dont want your kids seeing it. The movies will be around for ever when you decide they are mature enough then they can watch them….you cant re edit a movie after its been released,We dont want the films ruiend! So please twilight saga directors, filmakers Please dont change a thing about the sex scenes or anything unapropriete for children….its up to the parents to let them or not to let them watch! Loveable twilight FAN!!!

twilight fan January 21, 2010, 7:38 AM

honestly most of the fans are 15 and older so they shouldn’t change anything from the book about the sex scenes just because some parents are concerned. I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but then parents need to be parents and tell their kids who are to young that they can’t see breaking dawn if they think it will be to graphic. I think it is a little drastic to change the story.

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