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9/11 and School Spirit Don't Mix

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These school T-shirts were inspired by 9/11 ... and not everyone's a fan.

9/11 and School Spirit Don't Mix

When members of the class of 2011 of one Detroit high school decided to design a class T-shirt, they never dreamed how much controversy they would stir up.

The shirts feature the number 11 which resembles the Twin Towers, with the school's "Thunderbird" mascot flying toward them. Printed beneath the image are the words: "You can't bring us down."

Nine Arab-American boys wore the shirt to Edsel Ford High School on Monday.

Dearborn Public Schools spokesman David Mustonen has told the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press that the shirts are "offensive" and in "poor taste," but suspensions are not planned at this time.

What do you think of these controversial T-shirts ... okay or no way?

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Wendi January 6, 2010, 1:56 PM

Not good

Vita January 6, 2010, 3:17 PM

Who ever approved this in the school..knew it would be controversal. How could it not be?—it was a very stupid decision to go through with having them made and having the students wear them. Very bad idea.

SW January 6, 2010, 3:20 PM

Definitely NOT good at all.
I guess since its been almost 9 years, some people forget, and some kids may not even know or realize how horrific and terrifying that day was.

Renee January 6, 2010, 3:49 PM

No, no, and no. There is a clear connection and this is so flippant with something that was so serious and devastating.

DbrnRes January 6, 2010, 5:30 PM

The shirts weren’t approved by the school. The kids had them done at Gibraltar Trade Center. More disturbing that it wasn’t addressed in the classroom when it happened.

Anonymous January 6, 2010, 10:01 PM


Kimberly January 7, 2010, 6:22 AM

What? I think these shirts are definitely emotional, but they are great. They are supportive of the country, they show that we are strong. I think that the kids are awesome for making such a bold statement so artistically, don’t we all feel this way, that we are a strong nation and can’t be brought down? I am much more shocked at the answers that I heard in here.

PlumbLucky January 7, 2010, 7:45 AM

I agree, poor taste, but we are also dealing with kids who are 17-18 years old, so they were pretty young when 9/11 happened and they might not grasp the severity.

Momlogic - Dearborn and Detroit are NOT one in the same. Metro Detroit, Detroit Area, but not Detroit high school. Different district.

mercaties January 8, 2010, 12:08 AM

I agree with Kimberly 100%. How exactly are these shirts offensive we have millions of shirts with similar types of drawings and sayings. How is “You can’t bring us down” distasteful and wrong? It seems like a positive saying to me. I do not think it is disrespectful but I do think they should come up with something more happy.

Ten Tees January 8, 2011, 6:11 PM

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