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What Is Better for Infant Formula, Tap or Bottled Water?

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What is better for preparing infant formula, tap or bottled water?

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Generally speaking, either tap or bottled water can be used when preparing infant formula. To ease any concerns about using one or the other, consider the following:

  • When using cold tap water, bring it to a boil for one to two minutes, or as directed on the label of the infant formula, and let it cool before mixing with the formula (this applies to using bottled water as well).

  • If using tap water, let the water run for a few minutes if you have not used the faucet for more than several hours -- this helps reduce the amount of lead and contaminants. Proceed to boil and let cool down.

  • When using tap water, contact your local water utility to check the fluoride level. Consistently using fluoridated tap water may result in fluorosis -- a cosmetic issue that creates white spotting or streaks on both baby and permanent teeth. Be aware that boiling water with high levels of fluoride concentrates it, in which case using distilled bottled water is an alternative.

  • You can decrease your baby's exposure to fluoride with ready-to-feed formula.

  • Finally, you can also consider alternating occasionally between tap water and non-fluoridated water (distilled, purified, or deionized) when preparing your baby's formula. A certain amount of fluoride during infancy helps to prevent tooth decay.

Of course, your pediatrician can always recommend which water you should use to prepare your infant's formula. And remember that if you travel abroad, you need to be careful with the tap water in some countries.

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Ann January 19, 2010, 9:02 AM

The American Dental Association have warned that babies’ bottle feeds should NOT be made up using fluoridated water. They also warn that no baby under a year old should be given fluoride. They state that bottle feeds should be made up using using non-fluoridated water or if necessary bottled water with no fluoride.
Fluoride cannot be got rid of by boiling the water is just becomes more concentrated.

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