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50 Ways to Spend a Snow Day

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Tons of schools are out today due to crazy winter weather. Here's how to spend a snow day --  without losing your sanity.

Family making snowman

The kids are out of school, you're housebound, and it's freezing cold outside. But that doesn't mean you can't still have fun.

Here are our top 50 things to do on a snow day. To add to the list, comment below.

1. Go outside and make snowmen and snow angels.
2. Light a fire in the fireplace and get cozy.
3. Wear PJs all day!
4. Make hot cocoa.
5. Find a hill and go sledding. (No sled? Any trashcan lid will do.)
6. Make a snow fort.
7. Break out the board games. (The longer they take, the better!)
8. Make some homemade Valentine's Day cards.
9. Have a snowball fight.
10. Sip warm apple cider.
11. Salt the driveway.
12. Make grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch.
13. Read a book.
14. Catch up on your TiVo.
15. Take a nap.
16. Watch some boy-meets-girl movies.
17. Make gingerbread cookies.
18. Cook several meals and freeze some for later.
19. "Make believe" the kids are going to work, and let them earn money for doing little chores around the house.
20. Make a scrapbook.
21. Do a puzzle.
22. Learn a family recipe.
23. Decorate the house for Valentine's Day.
24. Make popcorn balls.
25. Watch home movies.
26. Have a tea party.
27. Do "makeovers" on each other.
28. Take a long, luxurious bubble bath.
29. Host a family fashion show in your living room.
30. Make heart-shaped Rice Krispies Treats.
31. Play Legos.
32. Have a Wii tournament.
33. Organize the kids' rooms.
34. Blast the music and have a dance party.
35. Put on a family talent show.
36. Put those loose pics in photo albums.
37. Make "goo" with water and cornstarch.
38. Watch funny YouTube movies together online.
39. Have a scavenger hunt in the house.
40. Try finger painting.
41. Call or Skype faraway relatives and catch up.
42. Pillow fight!
43. Create a family tree.
44. Turn out the lights, light candles, and tell ghost stories.
45. Craft some critters out of salt dough.
46. Have an "exercise party" -- do jumping jacks, sit-ups, even somersaults!
47. Break out the pots and pans and make music.
48. Make wish lists on
49. Bundle up and take a walk outside.
50. Do a "photo shoot" in the snow to preserve your memories forever.

So many of us are ready to tear our hair out each tme we hear that school's closed AGAIN. How do you and your kids like to spend a snow day? What's your cure for cabin fever? Share your tips below and help a mother out!

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