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Mom's Worst Health Habits -- Are You Guilty?

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Oprah's 'Best Life' guru Bob Greene is warning moms to cut the crap from your life and get healthy now! As an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer, Bob Greene's new DVD "Total Body Makeover" encourages women to focus less on how you look and instead focus on how you feel.

Bob passed along to momlogic the following warning to moms -- are you guilty?

The Worst Health Habits Moms are Guilty Of

Worst Habit #1

Smoking or allowing other to smoke in your home or around your children.

Worst Habit #2

Not taking off shoes in the house.

Worst Habit #3

Not moving enough and not being an "active example" for your children.

Worst Habit #4

Sending your kids to school sick.

Worst Habit #5

Catering to your kids tastes so they wind up eating only a narrow range of foods

Worst Habit #6

Allowing food to become a battleground issue -- as in, punishing children for not eating their peas.

Worst Habit #7

Eating off your children's plate--those calories do count!

Worst Habit #8

Buying junk food "for the kids" -- and eating it yourself.

Worst Habit #9

Allowing your children to spend more than two hours/day in front of the TV or video games.

Worst Habit #10

Foregoing family dinners most nights of the week and/or relying on fast food.

Worst Habit #11

Not creating any time for yourself; this can lead to emotional eating and other destructive ways of coping with stress.

Worst Habit #12

Exhibiting unhealthy dieting behaviors, such as always being "on a diet," criticizing your body and those of other family members, or scaring children into thinking they're going to get fat.

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wife mom maniac February 9, 2010, 8:41 AM

I find this to be pretty generalistic. For instance, I know many moms who aren’t overweight or weight conscious at all, such as myself, eating off my kids plate is a practical, nonwasteful thing to do and in no way a “worst health habit”. Time spent on computers by kids is increasing because they need to do so for their educations now, as a homeschooling family I can say that on many a day more than 2 hours is spent on the computer by my healthy, fit, active, slender children. I think this list is kinda silly, though I do enjoy lots of the content on momlogic :)

help lose weight February 14, 2011, 12:50 AM

Great read. Thanks !

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