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$8 for Airplane Blankets -- Are You JOKING?!

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Have you heard the latest news? If you want a pillow and blanket in coach on American Airlines, it is going to cost you.

flight attendant

Leslie Adler: The airline will charge you a whopping $8 for a little comfort on domestic flights and select international flights, the length of which don't justify giving you anything for "free." A spokesperson for American Airlines said the airline believes this is a sound economic decision they want you to feel good about too ... so they are going to throw in a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond!! Whoopee!! The move to "fleece" us for a fleece blanket is apparently designed to help AMR, the airline's parent corporation, recoup the $1.47 billion it lost last year. I don't know about you, but I feel their pain and think AMR should consider additional ideas for raising cash in the air.

My first proposal is charging for seat belts. This is a big-ticket item, so I am thinking $25 per person sounds right. If you don't pay it, you can't use it.

Another idea is paying for the oxygen mask. This too could be $25 -- and if you buy the "premium package" for a bargain price of $45, you can have both a maskand a coupon to Sky Mall!

My next proposal involves selling prescription drugs in-flight. I think this could be very profitable, especially during turbulence. Take Xanax, for example. What would you pay for a few milligrams of that before takeoff, or when your tray table is shaking? How 'bout Ambien? Valium? Viagra, for those dreaming of joining the Mile High Club? Dimetapp for the crying baby in front of you? Airline executives should think about that.

And the bathrooms ... these could be pay as you go. $10 a pee and $20 for a poo ... or you could buy an "all you can go" pass before the flight for only $25. Flushable baby wipes could be a moneymaker as well.

This just proves to you that I am always thinking ....

What about auctioning off the right to get off the plane first despite where you are seated? Each number in the order goes to the highest bidder. Or how about auctioning off the order in which you get served a refreshing beverage? Or letting customers pay to reserve an overhead bin? This would alleviate my anxiety about whether or not my bag will fit on the flight.

How is this for a drop in the old suggestion box?

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Catherine February 11, 2010, 6:14 AM

Just like the banks, auto industry, and oil companies… Just another gouging tactic for more MONEY!

When are people going to learn… don’t use the services!

Rachel February 11, 2010, 6:57 AM

Honestly, I’d rather at least have the option of purchasing the blanket and pillow (you can keep them and, at least in theory, throw them in a carry-on for future flights) than for them to stop offering blankets and pillows at all. You know that nothing is every really free, right? Not all people use the pillows and blankets on flights, so it seems to make better economic sense charge on a case-by-case basis than to adjust the overall cost of the flight to reflect a service that you may or may not take advantage of.

Simone February 11, 2010, 1:14 PM

I mean really…how many more customer friendly services will American Airlines, Delta, USAir,etc. cut? It’s not like ticket prices are going to go down by $8.00. They increased fares due to oil prices, but never reduced the fares when oil prices went down. Thsi is just another ploy for money! Why not just put us on the plane wings and get it over with. The slow and painful decline of our service industries in America is painful.

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