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Dad Kills Baby, Leaves Facebook Suicide Note

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WHY would someone kill his own child?

Stephen Garcia and Katie Tagle were involved in a custody dispute over their 9-month-old son Wyatt. Garcia didn't want to live without his ex-girlfriend and he didn't want to share custody -- so he killed himself and their son in an apparent murder-suicide, and put his suicide note on Facebook. Their bodies were found early Sunday on an isolated dirt trail in California.

stephen garcia and wyatt james arthur garcia

Our hearts go out to Wyatt's mom. We cannot imagine the pain she is experiencing now.

Tagle filed a request last December for a restraining order against Garcia, but it was denied on Jan. 12 because Garcia was not considered a "threat to petitioner or the minor child."

How awful!

"This was preventable. This didn't have to happen," Tagle's mother, Maria Brown, said the day after Wyatt's death. "The system failed Wyatt. It cost him his life."

It's just heartbreaking. What are the warning signs an ex could snap like this?

Jane Greer, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist in New York City, says: "In the beginning of a relationship, it's easy to ignore the warning signs of abuse and focus on the positive aspects of a person. After all, you're on a romantic hormonal high, so everything he does seems wonderful."

However, Dr. Greer says to be aware of specific signs a person is capable of hurting you. If your spouse or ex exhibits any of these behaviors, seek help immediately.

• Explosive anger or violence (i.e., throws objects, is physically aggressive)

• Blocks exits or hides car keys to prevent leaving

• Isolates you from family and friends or otherwise limits your contact with the outside world

• Emotional abuse (name-calling, ridicule, frequent criticism)

• Disregards your feelings and has a complete focus on their own needs

If you see these warning signs, Greer says to disengage from the relationship right away and seek help.

What's sad is that Katie DID try to get protection from Stephen -- but she was denied by the court system. That's just shameful.

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Gouki February 5, 2010, 7:46 PM

Um..okay I only see in the topic that there was a court battle but it doesn’t elaborate why the court battle started…I would feel sorry for the the Mom , but with out knowing the FULL story that is kinda hard to do.

Was there an Affair on the Mom or the Man’s side? Was it Job versus Home life? Money Issues? Addiction? Was she on his case 24/7 about something he didn’t have control over? Was it just anger issues of the male?

I definitely don’t think what the Man did was right by all means, but without knowing the full situation at hand its kinda hard to pass judgment and say what he did was the wrong thing to do.

So if you are going to post something like this sad story at least post all the facts or what you at least know of the situation.

I feel Sad for the Child knowing it had parents that couldn’t settle their problems, either by counseling or the lack of upbringing/discipline from their parents and the poor boy had to pay with his life.

In the beginning of a relationship, it’s easy to ignore the warning signs of abuse

There is a simple solution to the matter of the get hit call the police and file a report while having him arrested. Take him to court with the proof of the police report and a hospital/doctor bill stating exactly what part of the body was hit and with what object..(fist or thrown item). With this evidence its almost cut and dry on the matter.

If you let it slide once with a “Lover” be it male or female they will more than surely have you in their clenched fist for the rest of the marriage duration and it makes it harder to leave/do something about it later. Hence courts see it as the “First” time when in fact you let it slide for a while. “The slap on the hand and don’t do it again syndrome”..meaning wewill give him/her another go..or they just need counseling.

But I know what your thinking “Its not easy to turn in abuse…um lets see an average teen/adult probably uses his/her cell phone at least 3 to 4 times a day and how hard is it to dial 911? If you fear he/she will beat you to a living pulp while trying to dial ..I got news for ya THEY ARE DOING IT ANYWAYS, just your suffering will be over a longer period of time!!(and I could dial 911 and hit speaker phone faster than he could bat an eyelash.)

Dial the number send his/her butt to jail, go to the doctor/hospital, then off to court. Thing is it shouldn’t of gotten this far.

First step is being aware of the problem and not turning a blind eye to it, second is talking it over finding what is the “Real” Problem ,and last is seeking help..whether it be professional or friends and family help.

Gouki February 5, 2010, 7:52 PM

dial ..I got news for ya THEY ARE DOING IT ANYWAYS, just your suffering will be over a longer period of time!!(and I could dial 911 and hit speaker phone faster than he could bat an eyelash.)

Dial the number send his/her butt to jail, go to the doctor/hospital, then off to court. Thing is it shouldn’t of gotten this far.

First step is being aware of the problem and not turning a blind eye to it, second is talking it over finding what is the “Real” Problem ,and last is seeking help..whether it be professional or friends and family help.

Anonymous February 5, 2010, 8:58 PM

Stephen Garcia’s final letter
Comments 178 | Recommend 13
Facebook page taken down
February 02, 2010 4:48 PM
Editor’s Note: This is Stephen Garcia’s open letter published on the social networking Web site Facebook on Sunday morning, after San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies found the bodies of Garcia and his 9-month-old son.

Garcia killed himself and his infant son Wyatt early Sunday morning on a dirt road in Twin Peaks.

Only hours after Facebook authorities were informed of this letter on Garcia’s profile, detailing his plans for the killings and his obsession with Wyatt’s mother Katie Tagle, his profile was no longer visible Tuesday afternoon.

While Facebook officials did not state they took the page down, they did state policy dictates that “when it comes to our attention that a user has passed away, we put the profile in a Memorial State.”

The Daily Press has removed some names and modified expletives in this reprint.

To whom it may concern:

If I am Unable to post this on my website, MAKE SURE THIS IS MADE PUBLIC SO EVERYONE CAN READ THIS. RESPECT THIS REQUEST PLEASE. Do NOT chop this up. Make sure everyone can read it in its entirety. There are a lot of messages here everyone needs to read.


Everyone kept saying give it time. Keep going to court, keep doing what your doing. No body got it. Not even Katie. I didn’t want to fight Katie. I didn’t want shared custody of Wyatt. I wanted my family back. What good is having Wyatt full time, or 50/50 without Katie. I would of had to live with my parents forever, be alone, have Wyatt go back and forth for years to the guy Katie cheated on me with. I would of never been happy. Our son would of never been happy and a major reason, I would of not had my True Love. I did not want to keep fighting her, but I did not want to just give up and give her Wyatt. I did not want Wyatt to have that life. Understand and respect that.

I am so sorry. I led everyone on my side of the family to believe I wouldn’t of done this because I did not want them to know. That whole time we had been going to court and fighting each other was just a delay. I wrote Katie letter after letter, and I had told her everything. There was no point to keep fighting with her if she was not going to choose us. I had been thinking about doing this for months. At first I played with the idea of suicide to force Katie to move back, but that still did not work. Then when I started to find out what she was doing all those months, it was clear this was going to most likely happen. She just wouldn’t come back. Do not blame her, she wanted that life. Our deaths are a lot for her. It will have to suffice as her punishment. But that is not the reason I did it. It was the only way we could be happy without Katie. I did this out of love for our son, to protect him and myself. I am sorry.

We love everyone and we will miss you. We are watching, so live a good life. Do not dwell on what I did, its something you could not fix. Only me and Katie could of fixed it but, if your reading this, she chose not too.
I understand my actions will have devastated a lot of lives but, I could not continue to live the rest of my life in constant pain and watch our sons life be thrown away for lust. You all have a family, I lost mine. Live out your lives happy and hold on to your family, it’s the most important thing in life.

I love you mom and dad, please find it in your heart to forgive me. Get rid of all my things and live the rest of your lives happy. Stop fighting. You were ok parents, you were there for me, you took care of me, but its not what I needed. I needed a family of my own. My computer is unlocked, on it you will find all my pictures and movies. Also on it is this everything Katie did to me, if the cops are wondering why I did it or if they need the computer for any reason. My digital movie player will be in the white truck, on it is a copy of the pictures and movies from my computer. I wanted to look one last time at what I once had. Sell all my things or give them to Sean. Do not sell the guns though, give those to him. He and the boys can go hunting some day or teach them to shoot. The rest you should just sell or keep for yourselves. Make sure Sean gets those guns, knives, snowboarding gear too and maybe even the 50cc bike, unless you want to just sell it. Do not keep my car or give it away. It requires a lot of know how and tuning. Just sell it. Ask Chris for info on it, he knows what’s in it. You should be able to get at least 4 - 6k for it. Simba says hi.

I haven’t seen you in forever, I wish we had more time. I wish you could of seen us, and I’m sorry. It’s just too much for my heart and mind to take, I can’t wait any longer. We love you. You have a great family, hold on to that. You really do not know what you have until its gone. Raise your son better than what we had growing up. Raise him with a whole family. Love him everyday and be there for him everyday. You have no idea what a blessing it is to be able to hold him everyday. I’m Sorry Brother, I Love You. We are watching over you. Do not let yourself be torn apart by what I have done, your family needs you to stay strong.

Thanks for talking to me and for writing me. Thanks for your messages and motivation. I am sorry but it was not enough. I needed my family back. Work out any problems you and my brother run into. We are f——— watching you guys, YOU RAISE THAT BOY WELL AND DO IT TOGETHER, this is one of my wishes. Respect it. If you hit a wall, F————- BREAK IT DOWN. Seek outside help, do not let your ego’s get in the way like me and Katie did. Seek outside help if you must and STAY TOGETHER. A WHOLE LOVING FAMILY IS IMPORTANT. NOAH needs both of you everyday. LOVE HIM SEAN. Kellie, NEVER do to my bro what Katie did to me. I will turn in my f————- grave. I will find a way to kill you if you do…. Sorry, I love you.

To the rest of my family:
I’m not going to single anyone out. There is too much family to list. You all are great in more than one way. You have all been so loving and helpful in my life. I’m sorry, I know this will be hard. I was not being selfish, I tried but Katie would not have it. Everyone has a family of there own but me. Just be with your family and be happy for what you have. We love all of you, I’m sorry I hurt you like this. Please pray for Wyatt. He gets a easy life. He gets to be safe in heaven. Be happy for him. We will watch over you, pray for us both.

Chris + Ashlie, Tyler + Austin:
We love you guys. Thanks for being our friend. Please be happy together forever. You have a beautiful family, hold on to that for life. You guys are blessed with so many things. I’m sorry for any trouble I caused in the past. Do not be upset or sad or mad at yourself. You were my friends but do not think you could of talked me out of this. Live out your days together and work past any problems you have. Family is the most important thing in life, HOLD ON TO IT. Be happy for us, we can’t be happy without Katie. This way me and Wyatt can be happy too, respect that please. I am sorry for my deception. I know your going to be disgusted by what I have done. I’m sorry but my heart and mind cannot take it anymore. I will not sit by and watch my sons life be torn apart for lust. Please let everyone else know we love them and miss them too.


Shawn + Jessie, Fish and Thunder:
Thanks for being friends with me when you were here. I know I was a weird guy but thanks for chillin with me from time to time. I had fun with the both of you. Thanks for giving me many many happy memories. I am Sorry I betrayed you like this Shawn, I know you will never agree with it. Your logic is damn strong brother, but my heart and mind were NOT. Same with you guys, stick out any trouble in life. Over come and stick together. Take care of each other forever. Love each other everyday. In time if you have a kid, dear god please stay together and work out anything and give him, her or them a great life. Maybe you can have a Wyatt. That’s up to you and Katie. You have my blessing though. Just love them or love each other. Again, You do not know what you have until its gone… When it is gone, you may never get it back. Don’t take that path. Go through the tree’s, make trails. It’s always better. We love you both. We will watch over you too.

I’m so sorry I wasn’t more nice too you. I know I could of played with you more and helped you out more than I did. I’m sorry for that, I did not know how to act at the time. It wasn’t till after you were already gone that I realized what a sweet kid you are. It took major changes in my life to understand how to truly love. I spent 2 ? years of my life around you, even though you got under my skin because I had patience problems, I love you. Wyatt loves you too. I’m sorry you could not grow up with your brother. I know you would of liked that. Me and Wyatt will watch over you Koda. We will always come to be by your side. Just kneel down, pray and we will come to grant you strength in your life ahead. Please forgive me, but your brother is safe now. Understand Dakota, he is in a better place but will always be in your dreams.

**Katie, K80, Babe, My love, my god d—- true love, mommy, ma ma:**
We love you, We are watching over you, We will be by your side, Just ask and we will come. Wyatt is safe now, be happy for him, please.

You already have all your letters. You already know what I have told you. They are posted on the website, you can read them there for the next few years. Also all my text messages are there. You have the CD I gave you with all our pictures of me, you, Wyatt, and Dakota. I am so sorry babe, I love you K80. I told you I needed you but you didn’t listen. I am sorry it took this to prove it. WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME! I know from the deepest part of my soul I could of and would of made you happy for the rest of your life. I will give Rylee Sky Garcia your love. If you have a daughter some day, do not give her that name. It will be disrespectful. She is up here with us. There are new movies of me and Wyatt of our last days on the video camera in the white truck. Also your phone is in the white truck, I needed it to help motivate me to do what is right. Your pix are still on it. A few things of Wyatt from the hospital when he was born, your hair clippings and a Bible will be there also. On the first page of the Bible is a short msg. Keep it, read it, use it, it will keep you strong and going for Dakota. You still have a family to live for. I did not. Also in the truck is your ring. I was going to have Wyatt wear it before we went, but I did not want it to get lost. If you do not want it, bury it with me or Wyatt. Also there is a hand written letter signed by me, in the white truck. It says how I did it and why. That should be it. Make sure you request those items back babe! It is my wish that Katie gets these items back. Please RESPECT THIS REQUEST. Again, we love you Katie. Get on your knees and pray and we will come be by your side whenever you need us. We will always be here watching over you.

Please forgive me for what I have done. I tried to tell you over and over again but you wouldn’t listen!
I’m sorry for not telling you I loved you every day. I’m sorry for not appreciating you more. I’m sorry for not telling you how beautiful you are every day. I’m sorry for cheating on you. I’m sorry for hurting you.
I’m sorry for ** PUNCHING** you. I’m sorry I made the wrong choices. I’m sorry I didn’t fight for you. I’m sorry I let you walk out. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you. I’m sorry I didn’t support you when you needed it. I’m *NO LONGER* sorry for everything I did to your family. I’m *NO LONGER* sorry for everything I did to your friends. I’m sorry I said bad things about you when I got angry. Most of all I am sorry for not being sorry sooner.
I am sorry I pushed you away so hard you turned into a monster and did something you swore you never would. We are 50/50 on the blame though. You could have told me sooner.
And I am sorry for doing this. I just could not continue to cry everyday. EVERYDAY. I could not take medication to keep me blank and watch our beautiful sons life being torn apart. I could not take my chest hurting non stop almost, for the past 5 months. That is truth. I wanted you back so bad, so long ago, but didn’t know how to tell you the right way. Now….

“its too late”

There are so many things I wish I could of done before I died. There are so many places I wanted to go, so many things I wanted to do. So many things I wanted to do as a father. So many places I wanted to take Katie and Wyatt and even Dakota, so many things I wanted to do with them. I wanted at least one more kid. I wanted a family of my own so bad. I wanted to hold Katie one last time. I wanted to hug her, kiss her and look her in the eyes and tell her how much I loved and needed her, one last time. I wish we could have had Wyatt’s first birthday together. I wish we could have had Wyatt’s first birthday. But none of that was possible without Katie.

I want to be buried with our son or next to our son. DO NOT take this away from me. I love him with all my heart. I love him so much I went the distance to protect him for the disgusting life Katie tried to give him. I want to be next to him FOREVER. Please, its my wish as his father. Pay whatever it costs. I would like to be somewhere near the ocean, PLEASE. I love the mountains and green forests with lakes. It is beautiful and peaceful there but despite what I have told people before, my heart has always been with the SEA. Pick a nice green place, up north if you have to, next to the ocean and lay us to rest. Sell my car, my items, whatever it takes but please give me this wish as a father to be with my son in that beautiful place.

If anyone has a son, you have my blessing to name him Wyatt. It will not be frowned upon or show lack of respect. Just make sure you keep him close, love him everyday and raise him in a WHOLE, loving family. Those are the conditions. Again everyone respect this wish.

I’m sorry. We love all of you. Be with your family. Live out your lives, be happy. Do not dwell on what I have done. Move on with your lives and cherish every minute of it. HOLD AND LOVE YOUR FAMILY! PLEASE ITS MY FINAL WISH.

Please respect all my wishes and everything I have asked for in this letter.

We love all of you, We miss all of you, We are watching over all of you.

your broken hearted son, brother, friend, boyfriend,

Stephen Charles Garcia 12/21/1984 - 01/31/2010

& OUR son, our precious and beautiful baby boy with a heart of gold:

Wyatt James Arthur Garcia 04/04/2009 - 01/31/2010

Anonymous February 5, 2010, 9:01 PM

VICTORVILLE • A woman whose ex-boyfriend murdered their infant son and then killed himself had sought a restraining order from two San Bernardino County judges only days before the murder-suicide, according to court records (click here to view records) obtained by the Daily Press.

Katie Tagle petitioned two San Bernardino County court judges for a restraining order only days before her former boyfriend, Stephen Garcia, killed himself and their 9-month-old son, Wyatt. Both requests were denied — in spite of Tagle telling a local judge that Garcia had threatened to kill their son.

“My suspicion is you’re lying,” Judge Robert Lemkau said, according to transcripts from a Jan. 21 hearing in Victorville court, “but I’m keeping the custody orders in full force and effect.”

Wyatt was then turned over to Garcia that day. Both Garcia and the child were found dead 10 days later on a Twin Peaks dirt road, after Garcia took Wyatt during a court-ordered visitation.

“Having that restraining order really could’ve helped this situation and possibly may have swayed a judge to grant supervised visitations,” said Anita Gomez, case manager for A Better Way Domestic Violence Shelter.

Lemkau, who couldn’t be reached for comment, denied to make permanent a temporary restraining order signed by another judge — who at first denied Tagle’s original restraining order request.

Family members said when Tagle went in front of Judge David Mazurek in a Joshua Tree courtroom on Jan. 12, Mazurek denied the permanent restraining order despite the 23-year-old reporting Garcia had recently been abusive to her.

Anonymous February 5, 2010, 9:12 PM

Go to Victor valley daily press and you can read all of it

musicchick2 February 5, 2010, 11:27 PM

So, so tragic. There are no words to adequately describe what has happened here. My thoughts & prayers go out to the Mom.

When I read the warning signs listed in this article I lost my breath for a second. My ex (& late) husband exhibited several of those behaviors, but no one was warning us to seek help back in 1985. People just kicked out the spouse & filed for divorce then. Several of the many times he was drunk & threatening me I called the police. They came out & told me “we’ll stay long enough for you to throw some stuff in a bag & leave.” ME leave? And they rushed me - they’d only stay about 10 mins. I had to escape with our infant son, & pay for a motel room while they did NOTHING to him BECAUSE I HAD NO VISIBLE SIGNS OF ABUSE.

It sounds like things haven’t improved much in 25
years for women & children in danger. WHY??!!? Again, there are no words…

mercaties February 6, 2010, 12:01 AM

This man was obviously very mentally unstable why wasn’t anyone around to get him psyciatric help before this happened? I find it hard to believe that the mother was the only person around that thought me might harm the baby. Maybe if other friends and family members came forward about his behavior the judge would have granted the order of protection. Also, if the facebook page was put up before the deaths why didn’t someone take that poor baby. This is so heartbreaking.

Prechious February 6, 2010, 5:30 AM

To Gouki

That sounds so stupid regradless of what the mother was doing having a affair ect. is not just cause to kill a damn child!!!!!!!!!!

Gigohead  February 6, 2010, 10:06 AM

wow. what is going on here? It seems its open season on babies. First Gabriel and now Wyatt. Seems folks can’t freaking cope with a breakup and its the poor children who end up losing their lives!!! How did this psychopath end up alone with the baby anyway. I would be very scared of someone who is too obsessed with me or my children.

I hope his soul rots in hell and he never spends eternity with this son. Never met the guy, but I sure would like to go over to his grave and spit on it. Selfish bastard.

Crack February 6, 2010, 2:23 PM

Directed at: Prechious

It’s true having an affair is not a significant reason to kill a child (there are very few reasons for that) however it IS a reason for the court to deny a restraining order.

Anonymous February 6, 2010, 6:25 PM

“VERY FEW” reasons to kill a child??? I’m sorry what FEW reasons are these? How appalling. Also, having an affair has nothing to do with granting a restraining order. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. No, the most ridiculous was “there are very few reasons to kill a child.” wow. wow. wow.

katiesfriend February 7, 2010, 2:38 AM

knowing katie for many years i thought you guys would want to know this. she hated her son wyatt, when she was pregnate she wanted to abort him. she neglected him constantly, this i have seen first had, favoring her older son over him, the only reason she did any of this was to spite stephen because he knew how much he loved wyatt and wanted to be with him. if katie would of stoped going after a child she never wanted in the first place none of this would of ever happened. and her current boyfriend is and was abusive to bolth of the children i feel sorry for dakota, katies other son. dakota has to now live with a sick psycho mother, she doesent even diserve to have children. i know that most of you want to instantly favor a mother when something like this happens but if you knew katie like i do, you would know that she is on the same level as a mother who would throw her new born baby in a dumpster if she could get away with it. dakota has to now suffer with abusive vengeful parents.

katiesgoodfriend February 7, 2010, 2:47 AM

katies hotmail btw is you should ask write her and ask her about the email that she sent stephen saying “ill kill wyatt my self in order to keep you away from him” and she what she has to say about that

jen valorie February 16, 2010, 6:58 PM

there is no reason to kill neone let alone a baby this man killed his child he is gonna rot forever piece of garbage gonna kill someone cause some1 dont want u loser im glad hes dead rip baby wyatt my heart aches for you

precious February 17, 2010, 1:54 PM

I’m sorry “katiesfriend” but I am pretty certain, after following this case since it’s happened, that you are someone from Stephen’s side. You are one sick individual for thinking you can come on here and write things like you did. I’ve read posts by her, sites she wrote on. She had nothing but LOVE for both her sons. Dakota is abused? I’m sorry, but Dakota was a planned baby between her and her ex husband!!! Most people who want a baby, won’t abuse or neglect them.
Another thing, she never had an affair. They broke up in Aug and in Stephen’s mind they were together til December when HE said HE ended with HER. She left in August and got a new bf in Dec and that was when Stephen claimed she was cheating and left him.
For being her “friend” you sure don’t know sh*t about this case. Get your facts straight. Pull your head outta your a$$ and leave this poor woman alone and let her grieve for her beloved son!!!

wow February 25, 2010, 11:13 PM

Wow, I feel for wyatt. As far as the rest well hear this. Men are commonly given the shaft in custody hearings and this may be new to some people but there is such a thing as a deadbeat mother too. I don’t know either one of these people at all so I may be way out of line. It is never in any case ok to kill a child but I know more than one dad and their child who would be better off if the courts would step up and grant them custody with very limited time awarded for the mother to see the child.hewover, it seems that judges like to stick to what gets them votes going outside of the norm and awarding a father custody is seldom heard of.cases should be looked at individually but courtrooms are far too busy to really take the time for that. This may have been a case where a judge should have ordered the state custody of the child and get the parents the help they needed for their mental problems.its too bad for wyatt either way. Do a favor and if you know immature sh*tty parents fight on the side of the child whether your friends with the mom or the dad. Every baby deserves the chance to grow up and be loved.


tennmom March 11, 2010, 4:37 PM

A man or woman who would kill a child is either insane, evil, or a combination of both.
It’s always a shame when a man or woman decides it is okay to take an innocent life along with their own. If an adult wants to die, go for it, man or lady, but don’t take someone else along.

WhenWillOurDaughtersLearn March 11, 2010, 10:51 PM

Sorry, little man, we have all failed you. It is my job, my life, to protect people from this. Across the continent I may be, but I, and all of us, have failed you. There is nothing to fix here. The law did not fail you, your mother did. Yes, you can’t help who you love, but the consequences can be murder, as is the case here. I lay the blame where it belongs. I am sorry for the mother, but this man killed his son. This man definitely exhibited behavior that was unacceptable long before his son was born. Blame the law, blame the judge, blame the father…keep blaming them. Until you accept reality from the beginning this will always, always, always be the outcome. Your mother told you not to date him. Your mother warned you. Your mother raged against your idiocy and now a child has paid for it. The father is beyond justice here, but the mother will pay for her crimes for the rest of her life. Nature doesn’t care about political correctness and she has already begun her justice, and she will never relent. To all you ignorant, know-it-all young “women” out there: The bad boy’s really are bad, that’s the point. You walked the fine-line thinking you could control them and it cost your son’s life. Vae Victis.

- Anonymous March 12, 2010, 11:17 PM

- Anonymous

Its the Daily Depressed

sick to my freaken stomach March 12, 2010, 11:37 PM

katiesgoodfriend and katies friend… please stop it… Katie and “her man” narz (the POS home-wrecker) are calling and threatening people thinking it is them that is writing these posts. Narz is even making death threat’s (such a wonderful man to have around Koda), but what! ever! to everyone else…Katie loved Wyatt and loves Koda…she is a good mom. She just makes poor choices. Katie, get on with your life, quit letting people use you. You don’t owe that guy that is running for the judge seat anything. Do you know if he would do better? What if he is worse? Go back to Rick, give Dakota the family he needs. Get on with your life. Spend every free minute with koda, HE NEEDS YOU NOW!!!!Tell narz, to go to hell.

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